Pain while/after peeing

  • Yesterday I used the bathroom and towards the end I felt sharp pains in the tip of the urethra and I felt similar pains inside which I believe was the prostate, but am not sure. It felt like needles. It has happened a FEW times before, but now I'm kinda worried.

    Has anyone had this before and have suggestions?

  • Pain on urinating can mean either infection of the urethra (urethritis) or infection of the urinary tract. However there are other possibilities: one is if your urine is too concentrated. Is it deep yellow? Do you drink enough?

  • Not to question your knowledge Ineligible,
    I know you probably know what's going on [when he answers your question]

    but I still think you should see a doctor man,
    even if it is simply too many sodas; it can't hurt to be safe.

    edited: because simple didn't make sense

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  • dude get a doctors appointment i had that about a month or 2 ago if i remember right its a kidney infection and the doc will prob pescribe some medicine and tell u to drink lots of water and if u can tolirate gatorade ask him he will probly say maybe but thats wat iu did id bought one of those like 8-packs of like 12 ounce bottles bot its nuttin deadly....please if u dont mind so it will be easier to converse add my yahoo racerx492....or msn hope that helps

  • Its been consistently yellow lately but I havn't been eating much and I've been drinking alot lately, but I havn't urinated in awhile so I'm not sure if its cleared up or not.

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