Chilli addiction...

  • OK so this is a bit of a strange one, but I think I'm addicted to chilli.

    When I eat out I'll always order the hottest thing on the menu, and it's gotten to the point now, where I am scouring the internet looking for the hottest sauces I can find to take with me to restaurants just to get a bigger kick out of my food.

    I put chilli sauce/powder on everything I eat, and I even managed to find a sauce that makes drinks hot too.

    So am I in trouble? I think my body is pretty much used to it now, and the only physical effect I ever notice is a running nose and a moist brow when I'm eating said hot foods.

    Does anyone else have a similar addiction?

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  • Lol, im anti-chilly, (and im Mexican...) but i do have adiction to lemon ( mexican lime ), chilly causes problem in the stomach

  • I do like things with a bit of a kick... I think it makes them interesting, or, from my mom's point of view, "unedible". I've put peppers (regular old black pepper, red chili pepper, jabenero, etc) in everything from Mac&Cheese (pretty good) to ice cream (weird... just plain weird).

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  • Um. Too much of anything is trouble, but I don't really have a standard for "too much" so... can't help you there.

    Um. I used to have an addiction for macaroni and cheese not too long ago :D. lol. Microwavable, too.

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  • As long as your digestive tract isn't protesting (IE: Having power-shits over a 2 hour solid period of sitting on the can, lol) It shouldn't be a problem.

    There are a small number of VERY good shops that sell only hot sauce. There is one about an hour from me in St. Jacobs, Ontario (near Waterloo); they have sauces so hot that you have to sign a waiver before they let you buy it (No joke, some of the sauces they have can cause very serious breathing and skin/tissue damage if taken straight)

  • If you like hot food, find yourself a Vietnamese restaurant and order a curry dish. I got myself a peanut curry dish and asked for a little bit of spice. It caused my face to turn red as a beet, even though the food was awesome.

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  • Yea, nothing wrong with a Vietnamese or Thai restaurant (don't forget to order some Chicken Satay with peanut dipping sauce, lol)

    Remember though, those of us with a near (or actual) addiction to spicy foods usually have a much higher tolerance for it than the general population. However, your recommendation is better than the one I got; to eat a spicy chicken burger at wendy's (That earned the friend who said that a smack upside the head)

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