Need some help

  • Well i have a girlfriend and have been going steady for 3 1/2 months. anyway i masturbate a lot and my problem is i started when i was around 14 and as i watch more and more it takes more things to arouse me. its just gotten more and more hardcore. and im scared what i may end up watching. the reason i mentioned my girlfriend is that i was in the hope that once i got a girlfriend i wouldnt have to masturbate as much but though shes comfortable with me giving her oral etc. but wont even touch me. so my only relief is porn but it is actually started to make me hate myself afterwords. what do i do?

  • Hi byrd. The problem seems to be that you're getting bored with porn. I would suggest trying not to look at it if you can - try to take a vacation from it. That may mean you masturbate less, but you'll find that with time you'll get more mentally sensitive and you'll need less to get aroused again.

  • ok ill give that a try

  • Hey, masturbating while eating her out might be fun too. \:\)

  • In all honesty i think i read enough as it is lol. its not so much an addiction as a passtime. like say im up in the middle of the night and cant sleep. then ill hop on the internet and see what I can find. unfourtunatly im partly insomniac and have trouble falling asleep. as for reading the porn isn't always pics or videos ill read stories too. lol anyway thanks for all the advice.

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