Quick ?

  • would it be bad if i pierced my own dick?

  • i never said i was on steroids

  • If you're brave/dumb enough to do it yourself; go for it.

    I'd recommend using a pneumatic nailer, I'd say go for 4" brad nails, or if you're old fashioned; an oval wire nail (have someone else hammer it down, be sure not to flinch when the nail goes through and gets stuck in the chair) Then be sure to splash some vodka on that massive, dirty, blood-spurting wound.

    Report to a doctor in 3 days or so when gangrene sets in, your urethra has been sealed shut, and you're suffering from shock.

  • is this really a serious question? yes. it would be bad if you pierced your own dick. even professionals can screw this up.

  • not like the price albert (through the whole) like the skin that attaches my balls to my dick

  • still not the best idea in the world.

  • I agree with Radeckl. If you do it yourself you run the risk of infection, which could be nasty. Better to leave it to trained professionals.

  • You run that risk no matter what, People even get horrid infections in a "sterile" hospital surgery room and end up dead from it.
    that being said if your going to put a hole in your dick, best to do it with a pro instead of at home.

    Let's agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be.


  • Always with Unprofessionals, they will not even bat an eyelid. even if you have to describe what you want done, cause you are too prudish to say the part of the body lol

    It is possible to Live and not know


  • going through with it is stupid and assanine, how ever if the OP does blink then simply procede the good news is it doesnt mean shit to me \:D its my dick thas going to have an extra hole in it and it wont be me that suffers. several people have offered advice on not being an idiot, if a person chooses to ignore that nad go ahead with thier plans even though its painfully obvious that they are shitty plans at best noone here can stop them from being a moron, as is always the case.

    Let's agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be.


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