Championship Match Video (From my tournament)

  • Ok i got the Championship match up now, this one was a little more competitive then my first one, it was a good scramble. Theres still alot of things i need to work on (Ive only been training three months) but so far my work has payed off. Took my 3 months to become a State Champion, hopefully this summer my training will pay off again and il be a National Champion.

  • Was that a win? I couldn't really tell. They didn't raise your hand or anything. LOL. At first I thought you were fighting a girl.

  • Yeah i tapped him out from a choke. They raised my hand but the tape ended up cutting it off, because they were checking his nose (His nose was bleeding) and they had to wipe it off me also because it was on my stomach. And yeah i know haha he had some gnarly hair huh?

  • where can i get signed up for that, and is there any rules to it? I love fighting MMA, even when im street fighting, i throw low kicks and grapples...

    im almost 220 what weight class would i be in? heavy?

    oh and that guy/idk shoulda kept his/idk hands up higher, when he through that kick after u guys went out, he literally left hisself open for punchs and that grapple...

    How can my love increase for her when my words lack immaculance?<br />How can a boy grow to be a man when he’s fatherless?<br /><br />


  • Yes, please do sign up. I would love to see you get your ass kicked.

  • Um well i find tournaments through my coach. Hes knows all abou them, i just train and worry about getting better until one comes up. Your best bet is find a gym, train a few months, get into shape, and go from there. And yeah you would be in one of the heavier weightclasses.

    And as far as my opponent i kind of lured him into that slam, its something we go over in practice. You kind of let the guy push you and then you do the slam, that way his force and momentum is pretty much what throws him, I didnt have to do too much work, and the rest of the fight was pretty much just a scramble, until he left his neck out and i jumped on it.

  • why is LTTA insulting me when ive done nothing to him?

    err ignorance annoys me...

    anyways can u let me know of the next competition, maybe a few months in advance... and how do i sign up for it...

    How can my love increase for her when my words lack immaculance?<br />How can a boy grow to be a man when he’s fatherless?<br /><br />


  • > err ignorance annoys me...

    That's exactly what bothers everyone about you.

    You're so full of shit your eyes are probably brown by now.

  • ooo how long did it take u to come up with that?

    what are u claiming i was full of shit about now?

    that when i street fight i also use MMA type fighting?

    oook... the majority of regular street fighters use kicks and grapples, especially when at a disadvantage or when wanting to completely overpower the other...

    ive been paid to fight before, matter fact that was my main job when i was banging. please dont call bullshit unless u can FACTIOUSLY back it up, or you'll be the one being lambasted, understood...

    How can my love increase for her when my words lack immaculance?<br />How can a boy grow to be a man when he’s fatherless?<br /><br />


  • Im not sure when the next tournament is. For me its this summer but thats the National tournament and you have to win a State tournament to qualify. But i know my coach wants to have a tournament here in Santa Cruz in the next 5 months. If i were you i would just start training now and get in shape, and polish your technique.

    Right now im working harder on my standup and BJJ. My stand up is solid but its the weakest part of my game. I can throw every punch good my problem is turning them into combos. I just need to do the focus mits more and the bags, and just mix it up.

    And as you can see in my fights, my grappling is my stronger point. I have good wrestling and good JJ, and i can mix both up good to set up a submission.

  • Wow thats brutal man!! I did a lot of sparing when in martial arts and it was never as vicious lol. But good job \:\)

    and to Grown...

    I think the main reason people think you are full of shit is because anytime someone says they've done something, you've done it but better... or it happened to you but worse.. etc etc. Maybe it's something you haven't noticed, but I can see how it can really get old on people. I personally just roll my eyes and ignore it. But there are plenty more vocal people on the boards than myself.

    <span style="color: green">&quot;Don't be a Dork! Wrap your Pork!&quot; </span><br /><br />


  • You're misunderstanding where LTTA is coming from. He's not implying that you're BSing now, it's about before. When someone chronically lies or spreads BS, it's hard to believe anything they say or take them seriously. In this case, that someone is you.

    <span style='font-size: 14pt'><span style='font-family: Times New Roman'><span style="color: #3333FF">No matter how gifted, you alone can not chang...


  • I can't see your video, but congrats on the championship!! \:\)

    ~I tried to be good, but then I got bored~


  • It is an independant thing. I train at our local MMA / Pankration gym in Santa Cruz. Anyone can sign up and train. And then when competitions come up, you can choose to enter them if you want. Most competitions are individual, but there are some "Team Dual" competitions, for instance (Fake names) SC MMA Gym vs. LA MMA Gym, where your team faces there team.

  • Exactly, thank you.

    @Grown: All I can say is, join a tournament, take a video of your fights, and prove me wrong.

  • imma begin my fight training again... u said in 5 months right...

    yea i'd love to do that if my album is doing good, or if its doing ok enough for me to have enough time for training...

    How can my love increase for her when my words lack immaculance?<br />How can a boy grow to be a man when he’s fatherless?<br /><br />


  • and when i do, do that, will u please stop talking shit about me?

    How can my love increase for her when my words lack immaculance?<br />How can a boy grow to be a man when he’s fatherless?<br /><br />


  • Let me put it this way: It will be the first time I actually don't think you're bullshitting.

    And even if you do post the video, if you still bullshit around like you know you're doing, then obviously no, I won't stop talking shit about you.

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