Seriously, Personal question about herps.

  • This happen last year. I was feeling good because everything in my life was going right. I was fucking a lot of different girls without any protection. I was feeling bad one day, and this girl felt it was the prefect time to tell me, I might have herps, and that why I'm prolly sick. because she HAD herps 9 months ago. I told her there's no cure for them. (beautiful girls are stupid). I have been fucking this girl 6 months with no condom.
    I got tested for every STD by three different docotors and nothing came up, but I just had a herp outbreak today.

    I only fucked 3 girls with no condom after she told me that. Is it still possible that I got it from one of the last three girls or from her. I wanted to tell all these girls and my two girlfriends, I sorry for cheating on them and being a man slut and they might have herps. I also have a kid on the way. WHAT SHOULD I DO.

  • Are you sure today's outbreak is herpes? You should get to a doctor and get it tested.

    Regardless of who gave it to you, those three girls and your girlfriends need to be tested.

  • I went out with 2 of 3 girls in a long term relationship.
    One of those 3 were a one night stand, one broke up with me, and the third one got pregant.

    Should I really tell any of them, and if the girl who told me she had herps really give it to me... That means I gave it to my wife. Well I'm getting married in 6 months. I stop cheating, and This is my dark past I'm trying to hide.

    Those 3 were my final time having sex with another women.

    You know one last time before you get married.

  • okay, how would you tell them? I want everyone to put them self in my shoes, how would you tell your soon to be wife she might have herps?

  • I'm afraid you have to man up to it. It's the consequence of doing lots of shagging with assorted women without condoms.

    If you find yourself unable to do it, perhaps you could ask your other girlfriend to tell her.

  • Dude, you need to know if you have it, and you NEED to tell your fiance! If she has an outbreak while she is delivering, the kid could get herpes too...and if it gets it in they eyes it can be blinded, AND if it gets a high enough fever, it could cause brain damage.

    I had a fever and totally felt like I had the flu with my first outbreak...and YES, telling my partner, and ex partners was the hardest damned thing, but it was for the best...

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