Dear Grandma,

It’s a shame you not here, to see as your boy grew into a man,
I inherited my dads looks, and the strength of the world, damn,
Don’t I miss you on them quiet nights,
I reminisce laying with you, talking about the lord taking my life,
That is, if I didn’t wake up from them stormy nights,
You begged and pleaded for me, to walk silently into the light,
And accept god into my heart, I’m crying not outta hate,
But outta sickness from when you and I were torn apart,
Now im fighting, in the worst of ways,
I hate the world on most days,
But I know your blessing me with more and more to say,
And through the trials and tribulations, I push forward never miss,
I close my eyes and write my verse, then I pause, and write the chorus,
You never wanted me hurt, I was always protected,
Then one summer I left, said things, but I didn’t mean it,
And ive had your death on my chest for all these years passed,
Covered up my pain, leavin it hidden when they’d ask,
Didn’t make it to your burial, but im here today,
Asking for forgiveness, and for you ta never leave me astray,
Theres to much pressure, im barely able to stay,
Help relieve my stress, help prevent this cave,
Theres not much more I can announciate, cause,
Your were the closest one to me, the one that absorbed my love,
And I know you never wanted to see me hurt,
But im in so much pain, lift my sorrow as I kneel ta the dirt,

-Michael ‘Kid’ Gonzalez

i dont have much time to explain, but short story... i miss my grandma dearly, she passed away 5 years ago, the last thing that i said to her was that i hated her and that i wasnt going to see her again, which i didnt mean btw...

and i never had a chance to clarify that i didnt mean it... so when she passed away, i was heart broken but i had to be the man of the house and not cry... so my mom sent my sister to her burial and not me because she thought my grandma meant more to my sister than she did to me, which is completely untrue...