Hi. Recently I had sex with one of my good friends who I started liking. It was a bad decision. We talked about how she had genital herpes for 3 years (this was before the sex) and shes been on strong medication. Her previous boyfriend and her always had sex without a condom. He got tested and was completely fine. We had sex without a condom. A few days later i noticed a few red bumps on the bottom of my penis (about 3-4). They looked like little blister. This happened to her EX boyfriend too, but they went away. Its been 3 days and this morning they were gone, just there was dry skin in a circle pattern where the small blisters were. I never experienced pain or anything while I had these tiny sores. Now the dry skin is also gone. So they are pretty much gone, 99%. Can any one give me an explanation on whats going on..? I figured if it was genital herpes, it would have hurt, the bumps would of been bigger (you cant even see them in the mirror, you have to really look), and they wouldnt have gone away in 3 days. Im just really nervous and I know I shouldnt have picked the choice I did but I did what I did. Does anyone have any kind of explanation? Thank you very much..