Herpes passed fast!?

  • Hello, I was just recently at a party when my girlfriend kissed a girl who may have herpes, then a few hours later was kissing on me...

    What I am wondering is I know herpes can still be spread without sores but what are the chances of me getting it cuz my girlfriend kissed her then I kissed my girlfriend a few hours later? would it be able to spread that fast in that little of a time.. please thanks

    ps: My girlfriend also said if she did have herpes it would be genital, and the girl has kised many guys before and there fine, however I still find this hard to beleive get back to me please!!!

  • Herpes is only spread by contact with the area where the virus is concentrated, so if it's genital herpes, you can't catch it by kissing someone with it (unless you're kissing them on the genitals). Oral herpes (cold sores), on the other hand, is very easily transferred by kissing.

    Herpes can be caught easily when there aren't visible sores, if it's just before a breakout. At other times the infectivity is quite low.

  • So are my chances alot slimmer since The girl had no visable outbreaks, and the fact that I kissed a girl who kissed her?

    Also people told me she has kissed many guys before and they are fine?

    Its just I woke up today and my lips are a little dry and small red on the side, I dont know if its a warning sign of herpes or thee just plain old chapped? should I be worried

  • Your chance of getting someone's genital herpes by kissing her on the mouth are zero. So you shouldn't be worried.

    It sounds like chapped to me.

  • You can`t get genital herpes from kissing so you should`nt be so worried.
    Also why was your girlfriend kissing another girl? :confused:

    Come to think of it why should I worry what people think of me.<br /> Am beautiful,am intelligent and am a good person.<br /> That`s all that ma...


  • lol I dont know...:-X But what about if she had oral herpes would the chances be great or slim?

    Also thank you very much for the reply kind of hard to talk about:)

  • your welcome,isn`t that why this forum was created,to help those in need?
    Now lets look at this this way(i learned this in biology class one time) unless when kissing your girlfriend you swallowed barrels of spit there is no way that you can contract the disease,also if the girl had an abrasion in her mouth then your girl could get it but if she didn`t then you are both fine.

    I knew all those times paying attention in bio would work out :grin:

    Come to think of it why should I worry what people think of me.<br /> Am beautiful,am intelligent and am a good person.<br /> That`s all that ma...


  • I've just had a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herpes and it's pretty informative. The incidence of herpes is a lot more than I expected. (It also modifies my advice before, showing that viral shedding, which makes the skin very infectious, is possible without symptoms.)

  • what does that mean exactly?

    By my girlfriend kissing her, then kissing me a hour later I have a good chance of catching oral herpes? *even when the girl did not have any sores* ( I know that you can still catch it with or with out symptoms)

    What im wondering is what are my chances of my girlfriend catching it without symptoms then giving it to me after the kiss

  • It means people may be infectious at the relevant site where the virus has concentrated, without showing symptoms. So if someone has oral herpes, they may be infectious to kissing without showing any sign. If someone has genital herpes, they may be infectious at the genital area without showing any sign (but not at the mouth area).

    I don't see much chance of your girlfriend's catching it unless she was giving oral sex to the other girl (which I assume she wasn't).

  • Tell me this then, its been about 2 days is it just a unlucky sitation that I get chapped lips or is that a sign of a start of an outbreak?

    I was told she doesnt, and shes kissed multiple guys and there fine...but I mean cant trust anyone now days:(

  • ok well maybe I am very unlucky but I woke up this morning with a rash under my lips on my cheek, eyes are a little swollen and feel weird, and kind of a rash on my chest nose is a little stuffy saor throat

    Is this allergies or some sort of allergic reaction? or can this be a warning sign for herpes since its on my face?

  • Go to the doctor - it's not herpes, but you're obviously coming down with something.

  • that sounds like mononucleosis.

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