Hmmm whats wrong!?

  • Hey A2A:) I have a weird problem here, I have to constantly pee. Now I mean constantly like 3-5 times a hour some time its very annoying. I am sexually active which yes could explain it however

    I have No pain while urinating at all

    It does not burn at all

    It is clear not cloudy or anything bad looking

    It comes out smooth with no problem at all

    What is wrong with me? could it be a std I herd this is a sign of herpes or do I just have a small bladder? help pls

  • I agree with Rad - it could be diabetes. It could also be a urinary tract infection, because there isn't always pain with that.

  • ok well now it hasnt been coming out smooth, the flow seems to be weak and takes a few seconds to start up I also have alot of dripping? sounds like something to do with the prostate?

  • Unusual at your age but your doctor should check it. Whatever it is, you definitely need to see your doctor.

    But why are you using two names?

  • Enlarged prostate possibly or maybe a UTI.

    I'd go see the doctor soon.

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