Talking to this girl but...

  • Ok. I am prolly over reacting or being impatient here but I figured I would ask of your opinions on this. Basically I have been talking to this girl recently, I like her and she likes me. We have seen each other in person but both of us were pretty nervous and in different crowds so it was a little awkward at the times. I got her number though and we have been texting everyday for a week. Some days we texted for over 12 hours straight. I asked her if she wanted to do something over the weekend and she told me that she was busy which she actually was, and that she was going to be busy till school started. When saturday came around she ended up not doing what she had to do and kinda insinuated that she wanted to do something but like disquised it but I was in no position too. I was still in my work clothes and was over a friend's house at the time. I opened up to her the other night about some stuff and she did back but the past 2 days she hasnt seemed to interested in talking. She like takes longer between texts and stuff. I asked her what she was doing after school tomorrow and she ignored it and just answered the other part.

    I talked to one of her friends on sunday and was told that she definitely really was busy and that she likes me a lot. Quoting her friend I was told "I'm in". I was also told that if i asked her out she would prolly say yes and that was even before we talked. So I dont know what to think. Im gonna guess that she is just nervous but at the same time im nervous too. I just see it as something we will eventually have to get past for something to work out.

    I also dont like asking people to do things often. Its just the way I am and I have tryed to arrange something about 3 times already. So should I wait for her to make an attempt or what? Will she come out and say something?

  • I wasnt really planning on it. I thought maybe she was but I think its more that she is just nervous. I just feel weird always asking to do something.

  • just tell her how you feel, what you want ect. girls want a guy to make the first move, and theres no need to be shy. if you know whats up ("im in") just go full steam ahead!! good luck

  • Keep going for it for sure, but try something a little different than the norm. Maybe come out and say straight up, 'I like you, and I think you like me, but I'm nervous about this, and I think you are also. I think we should both buck up a little (feel free to replace that term, but I'm tired so that's what came to mind) and take a leap of faith. Whaddya say?'

    A little bit of humor before, during, or after won't hurt either.

    Good Luck!

    When I need you most, will you be there to stand by me, unquestioning and faithful, willing to wait until the end before passing judgement?


  • Best of luck asking her out matey but make sure you do it soon don't leave it too long like so many before us have and it's been \*too late\* as the women like to say. Hope it all goes well!

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  • Well, yesterday when I tryed to text her she kinda gave me the cold shoulder. I think I may be chasing after her too much so I have decided to just not talk to her for the weekend, I think she may need some space or something. So I'll wait till atleast sunday night to try and talk to her.

  • Hmmm i've been in your possition before but thats usually because i've said something wrong or she's found something out about me. It depends in your concious is there anything you can think of that she might have heard off of one of her friends about you or anything like that? Because it sounds alot like that from what you were saying to me.

    Tony the tiger goes Rawrrr...


  • Only that I may of chased after her a little too much. I think she may me nervous/scared. I dont really know.

  • I have talked to her face to face but it wasnt really awkward. I dont know how to explain it. There were other people around, and thats what I think the problem was. We havent been with each other with just us.

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