Bad kids

  • Long story short, my dad got remarried and my step sister is crazy. She gets angry and throws a fit, when she does this she goes fucking crazy and starts trying to smash everything in the house. Even if you were to restrain her for 2 or 3 hours she would just get back up and start trying to smash shit up again. If you send her to her room she tries to smash her window and make holes in the walls.

    I was wondering what my step parents options are because I feel bad for my dad having such a fucking little brat for a step kid that he has to live with.

    Can you get child straight jackets to put them in? Lol Im serious :P.

    Or is there someone who you can call who will make them stop, I dunno what the fuck her problem is, I have never seen a kid go that crazy, she is like Satan. No joke. She will pick chairs and throw them at the wall, she will try and break everything in the whole house.

    Any ideas what we could do? Like if she broke stuff that belonged to someone else would it be child abuse to let them go into her room and smash her stuff up in front of her?

    I know this stuff may sound harsh bit I fucking hate this kid she is mental and WONT STOP breaking stuff and screaming and to be honest she just needs a good old fashioned beating like parents used to be able to give their kids before all this shit of "child abuse"

  • How old is this brat??

    its time for someone to lay down a couple ground rules... or discipline should start being brought up.

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  • She is 9 years old, way to old for her to be acting the way she does.

    As far a discipline she is grounded to her room for a while now and her mom is going to take everything out her room (even the bed) so that she just has a mattress. But even that doesn't seem to stop her, I dunno what can be done to be honest :S could do with some advice to give to my dad.

  • How long has it been since your Dad remarried? I kind of wonder if she's been acting out because of this? I went through the same kinda thing around her age (prolly a combination of puberty and family issues). After some time and discipline though I calmed down and things blew over.

    Other than that it sounds like she needs alot of discipline. And the discipline needs to be consistent. If there's no consistency then the kid just starts thinking they can get away with shit and the problems will just get worse.

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  • I don't think its because of my dad, as soon as my dad comes home she stops because my dad scares her haha. So she doesn't act bad around him because she knows he wont stand it, I dunno, maybe her mom needs to do more. If she shouts my dad shouts back and gets right in her face, that seems to work and stops her tantrum, her mom seems to get her kids to try and restrain her... maybe that's the problem.

  • It may well be tantrums because she got her own way all the time, but now she has a dad who stops that. Or perhaps she wants attention because now her mother is no longer 100% looking after her, because her mother is now spending time with your dad.

    I think professional advice would be useful here.

  • It may not necessarily be your dad though. She could very well just be a brat cause she gets her own way, but it can also be a number of issues. It's could be problems with friends, school...anything really. If thats the case then she probably doesn't know how to deal with her problems in the right way and she takes her anger out on her mother.

    The reason she doesn't freak out like that when your dad is around is because 1) her mother probably isn't disciplining her enough, and 2) because she is more comfortable acting that way towards her mother because she knows she will be forgiven and get what she wants.

    I agree with ineligible. A family counselor or someone like that would be helpful in dealing with this.

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  • >because she is more comfortable acting that way towards her mother because she knows she will be forgiven and get what she wants

    Yeah that sounds right actually :S

    Anyway, apparently they took her to see a counselor and shit but apparently that didn't do any good.

    I don't really know how I can bring up the subject to my stepmother or my dad without looking like I am being pushy and telling them what to do.

  • OOohhh bad kids!!!! Spend a day in the office where I work lol

    Just two days ago we probably had the worse kids/family I have ever seen! His little boy was 4 years old and had an abscess tooth so the doctor had to numb the area to extract the bad tooth. The kids scream at the top of his lungs (which honesty is normal for a little kid getting a shot), than for 15 minutes straight after the shot was screaming "I can't feel my FUCKING lip!" !! The mother never said a word to him or tried to get him to stop (actually she was laughing that he was saying the word "fucking"). Again for 15 minutes straight he was screaming that in the office. We actually had two patients leave the office because of his screaming and when we said something to the mother she laughed about it finding it funny.

    Well than the mother and her hellion kids came into my office to check out. Well her 8-year-old son had several cavities and I asked the mother if she wanted a morning or afternoon appointment. Well the mother turned to her son and asked him if he wanted to come back to get the cavities fill (mind you he's 8 years old). Of course the boy said no, so the mother said nope we aren't going to schedule. I explained to the mother if he doesn’t get these cavities filled he will eventually lose those teeth and they are adult teeth. The mother replied "If all that happens to him in life is that he losing a few teeth he'll be alright". I was in shocked! Since when does an 8-year-old decide his own appointments??

    All in a days work in my office! LoL

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