My vagina is hairless and small!!! HELPPPPP!!!

  • I feel so insecure specially when I'm in a group of girls talking about their vaginas and shavings (make me so envy) I am totally BALD! \:\(
    Well, I'm still virgin and never been touched...things made me upset and felt so bad is how my cousins teased me having a baldy thing down there...grrrrrr
    Recently, I just discovered myself that I got a smaller vagina compared to other women's...I know God made me special and I am wonderfully and fearfully created...I'm scared that when I get married my man will not be able to get inside of me and that one worst thing that made me so worried coz we're going to see each other in person after 2 long years of committing each other online. I love him so much and I am willing to give all myself to make him happy and satisfied.
    Will he not be discourage after he discovered how bald am I and that my thing can't please him right away?


  • Anytime someone is different, it causes them anxiety. So I can sort of understand why you feel the way you do. However, I suspect that you're not really all that different. First time sex will probably be difficult for you, but it also is for many virgins. Just be sure you are thoroughly lubricated. Don't let your size be an issue. Your vagina is designed to stretch to allow a baby out. It certainly will stretch enough to let the largest penis in.
    If he truly loves you, it will be for what and who you are and have.

  • Out of interest how old are you? I'm assuming you're not 108 like your profile on here would suggest! :P

    Proud father


  • I really wouldn't worry about it. I think it would be totally hot.

    And after seeing your pics.. damn.. you can be my nurse any day.

  • Be happy that you have a small vagina, and be happy it doesnt look like mine.

  • I agree with sdp. :smile:

    I don't know how you decided your vagina is smaller than other women's. It might be a good idea to get a gynaecological examination just to be sure everything is fine.

  • You are so lucky,I hate shaving and wish that I had no hair down there and if your man loved you then you have nothing to worry about.

    Come to think of it why should I worry what people think of me.<br /> Am beautiful,am intelligent and am a good person.<br /> That`s all that ma...


  • well, as they say "different strokes for different folks", "one mans garbage, anothers treasure" and all that jazz, but in my honest opinion, bald is loads better, and he really should not care, and if he does than he really isnt worthy of you.

  • As has been said, lots of folks spend a lot of time and effort shaving to get what you already have. Consider yourself lucky. :wink:

  • Thank you...
    I am 28 years old weighing around 96 pounds and 5'4 in height...
    I'm a nurse by profession and is working almost everyday in the OR (operating room) and DR ( delivery room) so I will say that I am very much exposed in seeing a lot of things anatomically and physiologically and I found myself as different from the other women in size, look, and no hairs at all...sigh:(
    I don't watch porn movies or porn mags for some reasons and my belief...I never tried vaginal masturbation because I want this to be shared and enjoyed with my future partner in God's perfect time.
    I know it would be painful for the first time but I hope he can get in right away without hurting himself and will never be discouraged seeing me hairless.
    Well, I wanna say thank you for sharing your thoughts, opinions and advices...It lessened my consciousness regarding this matter and made me realized that there's a lot more to think and be conscious about in this world...
    If my man loves me truelly then he will accept me as ME and vice versa, right?
    A big "THANK YOU" to all!!!

  • I really wouldn't worry about it. FWIW, most guys actually prefer a tighter vagina over a looser one anyway. Your man will be very lucky.

    Besides, after seeing how much it stretches when you give birth - you've seen plenty ;\) - I don't think you will have to worry about a penis fitting inside. Just take your time, go slow, lots of foreplay, and use lubrication if necessary (although your body will probably be producing plenty of "natural" lubrication when the time comes.

  • Honestly nothing to worry about here. The tighter the better imo, why do you think Asian women are so highly sought after? Because it is proven they have the tightest ones of all.

    As for the no hair thing...I have hair in my private area's and it sucks i need to shave every week. Your lucky you don't have any, I think most guys would agree with me that they like that stuff shaved. You've never Ever watched porn? WEll the girls and the guys are always shaved.

    And if your the type that is saving your virginity and any contact with that area, until you get married or w/e i commend you on that, and any guy would be a fool not to be grateful that a women has saved herself for him. I have never experienced a pure women before in my life, but i must say I would be very much appreciative if a girl saved herself for me.

    I lived. I loved. I lost. I learned. I failed.<br />I stood up. I laughed. I cried. 21 years young...happiness can't be too far now.


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