So I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression. It turns out that I don't have Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. I think I may still have A.D.D., though.

I talked to my brand spanking new psychologist today. He told me that anxiety disorders have an eighty-percent co-morbidity rate. So I am depressed because of my anxiety.

We worked out a plan for him to see me for four weeks in a row instead of month-by-month. He can perform hypnosis and he has worked through some terrible anxiety himself. I have some faith that he will help me overcome this.

It was funny because I was telling him how it worries me that I don't understand the concept of certain words. The words I was talking about was keyed up. He told me I was keyed up right then. It was quite ironic.

I think practicing relaxation techniques would probably help.

So good news for me \:\) I only have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. How many people can say that?

He said my GAD causes my inattentiveness because I pay attention to everything. I don't know if that is true, but I hope it is. I wonder what the comorbidity rate between depression and ADD is...