I might have sex... how should i prepare?

  • I might have sex with a girl I know. I'm wondering what I should do to prepare myself. I'm going over to her place to watch a movie. Should I bring a condom and lube or what? I need to know in case things get heated.

  • Have the condom on you just in case. Don't bring anything else. It may not be needed for a variety of reasons and if she sees you with it and isn't planning on having sex, she may freak.

    Don't just be clean smell good... but smell good subtly. Remember less is more.

    Best of luck.

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  • And might I add don't just bring one condom, in case it breaks or she is hungry for seconds. \:\)

  • Yes! i remember having sex with my bf for the first time (this was a previous bf).. and we had 3 condoms and 2 of them broke!! arghhhh!!!

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  • Any advice for the first time?

  • Practice putting on a condom before you go see her, if you haven't already. If you go in without knowing this, it could be a disaster.

    Relax and have fun. And be safe! \:\)

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  • so, how did it go?

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