Being really nervous

  • I'm 13 and ever since I remember I was the just the geeky kid.
    But now I've been hearing from alot of people that girls have been starting to get interested in me but I have a problem.
    I've had one girlfriend, and she was really beautiful, but for the period of time we were together, I could never ever ever ever ever EVER, get past the nervous point to make out with her.
    I was really nervous, and I know I'm gonna be nervous the next time too.
    Is there any way to get past being so scared of screwing it up? Same goes for when I'm gonna have sex for the first time (Not that I'm planning to do so so soon)

  • It's the sort of time that calls for courage. I presume you are more nervous than most people, so you will need more courage. :frowning:

    Older guys are able to fortify their courage with alcohol, but that's not available to you, I presume, and it's not necessarily a good idea.

    Don't worry about screwing things up. We all screw things up a lot, but we survive that. If we didn't, everyone's life would be very short.

  • yeh no ones perfect

    if you're with the right girl then you will be relaxed and you will want to kiss her and it'll all be aight (l'all'b'aight)

    dont stress bout things like that, what happens happens, live n learn, try n find out. etc glfhdd (if ur real nerdy then you'll know that 'glhfdd' means )

  • I remember being really nervous not so long ago. I just got a job in a large Insurance company, just about finnished my training and was moving onto 'live' work (real policies not practice ones). Where i work the easy stuff is sent to India to complete but the harder stuff is sent back for the more skilled people to do as we need to get in contact with the brokers if information is missing/wrong etc or if our system premium differs from the brokers etc.

    I'd never really worked with a phone before i was real nervous, i swear i felt like i was going to be sick or something. My trainer just said, theres the phone, give 'em a call. Lots of things were rushing through my head, i didn't know who to ask, what to ask, what to expect etc, but i had to do it since it would end up being a big part of my job, i was extremely nervous but i just faced my fear and went for it.

    Now i can pick up the phone without even thinking about it and call brokers with no fear.

    Its like that with women, and your situation. Sure it'll be nerve racking at first but its gotta be done, just try your best and take it like a man - literally. It'll feel good after and a huge weight will have been lifted. I'll feel great and any nerves will soon dissappear, it happens to just about everyone.

    Back to work - i've been put back into training since i was originally a Home Insurance specialist, im not in motor training with the noobies, tomorrow we'll be doing live motor work, it'll be weird seeing these new people go through the same thing i did a few months ago. Ah, look at the time, time for bed. Nite. Hope what relivent stuff i put in helped, im renound for going on like an ol biddie.

  • does that mean im geeky cause i know what glhfdd means? lol

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