When sexual desires conflict with faith

  • There was a gay mormon at www.infidelguy.com just the other week. Seems like an oxymoron to me but it only reinforces just how strong our sexual desires are and how they over-power our faith. Do you have any sexual desires that seem to over-power of over-shadow your faith?

  • I recently rediscoverd my faith, but my time away from god has taught me somthin. If there is a jesus, and i sincerly hope and think there is, then, he being a super cool dude, wouldnt have a problem with a really nice faithful gay dude. I kno god is invaililble and he said men sshould not lay with men but i think thingshave changed, even god can change his mind. im not gay but i have freinds.

    Tears, Why are they on the floor, I put the pistol to my head, tears will fall never more.


  • The Bible is set in concrete!

    Everything looks different at 186mph!


  • like that wall that just fell down



  • definately set rules in the bible Joe. I agree with you on that one. There's nothing wrong with bein gay the same way there's nothing wrong with drinkin. However getting drunk is a sin same way acting on being gay is a sin. If you're a true Christian and you're gay - you wont act on it.

    Now I'm neither gay or really a Christian. I'm just going by whats in the Bible. So if you are a Christian then you haveta know homosexuality is wrong.

    It doesnt bother me. I dont care if you're gay or not. I'm not preaching Chistianity or not to be gay - But when you talk about going to Heaven & putting gay in the same sentence, just dont work that way. Becuase like I said earlier, Christians know homosexuality is wrong...

  • I'm hardly an expert on theology, but my personal opinion on the whole Christian angle of this is that the Bible, in-and-of itself does not impose an outright ban on homosexuality or whatever. Yes, it is in the Old Testament, but IMHO that's only there for backround information; the new covanant is the new agreement (so-to-speak) between God and Christians. So, if you believe in "out with the old, in with the new" then you can't say the Bible outright bans it. Certainly I think many New Testament passages can be misconstrued to impose a ban on just about anything, but I don't believe that's the way it was intended. That being said, anyone here is free to disagree with me, and I'm not going to defend my position any further, but as I said, that's just my opinion (and besides, I'd rather go to Hell than bow to a God that makes me a certain way, and then forbids me to be the way He made me).

  • geez dude - kinda strong words "I'd rather burn in hell than bow to a god". Now I'm not very religious but from what I understand hell is the most painful place you'll ever go & you'll be there for eternity - FOREVER. I have a lot of pride but if I knew those where the choices I think I'd bow...

  • Actually, the classic version of hell is more of a just a place where all us non-believers go. It only took on the "eternal torment, fire and brimstone, daemons with horns and pitchforks" thing from Dante's Inferno (or so I'm told). shrugs I suppose I am a bit... stubborn, but I still don't see why any kind of so-called "benevolent" God would make people a certain way and then forbid them to be themselves. It just doesn't make sense. I mean, I can understand God commanding us not to kill or steal or whatever, becuase those are actions governed by free will; but no one can choose whom they truly love. Love just happens, it ain't a matter of free will. Thus, in my opinion, it is impossible to legislate love.

  • hell is primarily the absence of God
    hell is described also as a place of burning fire n grimstone, etc etc
    and an interesting note is that it is described as a place where you are alone... so dont expect to be having parties with ur mates :P

    getting back on topic
    it is possible to say 'no' etc in time of heat when your sexual desires are trying to overrun you're faith
    and it is possible to let them run away
    if you dont put yourself in the situation, then you dont have to worry bout such a thing

  • That's oki, I like being alone ^_^

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    That's oki, I like being alone

    yeh but its not just for a year or two... it'd be for eternity

    in the big picture, this life is just a prologue for eternity. i dont know how you could want to be alone for and infinte amount of time :S
    but if its what u want...

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