Shadow after shaving moustache: How do I lose it?

  • Well, I've been shaving for a for almost 2 years now but I have noticed that after shaving every two days that a shadow appears right after having shaved on my moustache. This doesn't appear on any other part of the face and it's annoying me as I feel it looks awfull. Normally shadows should start appearing at around 5ish but mine comes right after shaving. Could anyone tell me if I can get rid of this and if so how?

  • Don't shave it so close and you won't notice it.

    Everything looks different at 186mph!


  • Huh? don't shave so close?

    Anyways, are you shaving right after you get up in the morning? Your face tends to get a little bloated when you sleep. If you shave when you are bloated and then the bloating goes down a short while later, the the tips of the hairs can appear. Try shaving after you have taken a shower and you can also try using some pre-shave astrigent to tighten the face before shaving.

  • thanks for the reply guys, appreciate it. But what I would like to know is if this can actually go away? Or is it permanent?

  • Well unless you can sleep in an upright position so that you face doesn't get bloated then....

  • there's no other way? Like shaving in a certain way? Do you guys even understand what im trying to show?

  • Although it's not recommended and if you do not have a sensitive face, then try shaving against he hair, This will get the hair down a bit deeper under the skin.

  • Around the moustache area, that's how I have been shaving for the past few months. That's maybe why this occured?

  • You're probably making a bigger deal out of this than it really is.

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