Reading threads.

  • How many of you when reading threads or posts skip right past one that has about a thousand words in it with absolutly no punctuation or paragraphs.

    I know i do when i am confronted with a peice of text half the size of the page and no gaps whatsoever it all seems to congeal into one.

    I dont care about spelling mistakes so long as you understand what they are trying to say its fine, But to have 9 or 10 inches of solid text makes it a strain to read.

    What are your thoughts on it or do you even have an opinion, has it ever occured to you?

    Its not a flame I would just like others input to see if anyone else skips posts/threads due to this, i bet i am missing some good stuff because of it.

  • Personally it pisses me off sometimes when the point could have been made in 3 sentences... but then there is a time and a place for people to write lots, when information is needed for people to understand where they are coming from.

    The people why type lots for the sake of it do piss me off, but then to put it in paragraphs would be nice from time to time instead of writing complete chapters lol.



  • Well I dont mind large posts but if it were broken up a bit more i would be more inclined to read all of it.

  • ...and i thought you were getting used to that kind of rambling. lol

    yep diverdude got me yesterday for not using spell check.... lol

  • Yeah, I usually skip right past them. There is seriously no topic on a forum that would require 10 lines without a double space.

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