Pimple or wart on my penis!

  • ok i havent had sex yet, and i have this weird like wartish looking thing on the left side of my penis. its very dark, and looks sort of like a wart. its about the size of a small swab and very dark red. any idea what this could be and how long it will last and what it happens from?

  • It's probably just a mole.

  • ok nothing to worry about? ho wlong do you think it will last? lol last night i had a nightmare like my balls became covered in warts

  • a mole is usually permanent. you can get them removed though.

  • i dont think its a mole... it is kind of a bump with a red small dot. looks like a wart :\ its much smaller then the ones ive had on my hands though.

  • best idea would be to goto the doctors.

  • it seems to have gone away. when i first saw it i thought it was a pimple and ready to pop so i applied some pressure and some blood came out. now its just some dry skin around it and a small small scab.

  • Great! Keep watching it though, if anything changes or anything i think you should see a doctor just for reassurance

  • yea, it looks better each day.

  • i have the same thing and the littel son of a bitch wont go away and wenever ipop it it always comes back and i dont want to go to the doctor

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