Farthest Cum shot

  • Describe the time you shot the farthest. For me...I was watching Pleasure all about sex with krystal steal and i watched the wholee thing. Then I watched Nikata Denise movies and all I did was touch my penis and splat. it shot up near my head. Left a huge mess on my legs.

  • I'd have to say the time that I had been watching some porn, masturbated for quite a while using the stop/start method and had an ejaculation that was incredible...lots of volume. Lets just say that it almost got in my eye and all over the pillow...along with alot on my stomach as well. Thanks for the memory!

  • :smirk: I was watching some porn, and standing up, i was doing the stop and start method and hadn't masturbated for about a week, lets just say it shot over the tissue and hit the wall :sunglasses:

  • I shot three towel lengths before. I got about 7 or 8 shots so I got all three towels pretty damn messy, lol. What can I say - I'm blessed. The weakest I've ever shot was like a foot. If I laid down I'd hit my face/chest everytime. Thats why i do it standin up.

  • well sometimes for me it just kinda dribbles out or i shoot a foot or two. it just depends how long it was since i last masturbated. once i didnt jack off for 2 weeks and i was like goin nuts and when i finally did it like shot halfway across the room. i was like...wowzers.



  • on average i think it'd be bout 2meters for me
    i havent really measured it before tho :P

    once i got myself in the eye
    that was NOT fun nor was it my fault! haha

  • One time i jerked it and when i felt the semen coming i just squeezed the head of my penis and it shot past my face and onto the wall behind me, craazy, i shot farther another time after getting a blowjob and the the girl jerked it for me

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