• I'm wondering if there are rules on avatars. Do we have to edit them or can we have pretty much whatever we want. I was just wondering before I linked up some of the more "revealing" avatars I have on hand...

  • Anything as long as it would not offend anyone of any age.

    If people complain about them, we do asked if they can be changed, if not I will go into your account and do it myself.



  • just so you know, I've removed your avatar. you linked the pic from your computer and not from a web-site (ie http://www.afraidtoask.com/pic/avatars/av1.jpg).



  • so i cant link them from my computer?

  • nope, it has to be from the web



  • if you right click on my avatar then hit properties you'll see http://members.lycos.co.uk/a2adiver/boy.gif which will bring up this pic

    if you want a private one put up, mail it to me and I may be able to host it on the pic site and mail the andy over to you.



  • that aint no big deal bro. having an avatar isnt that important to me. thx for askin though...

  • how could you link them from your computer?
    i suppose you'd need a static ip address

  • You can't do that they need to be hosted or already hosted somewhere esle.

    Everything looks different at 186mph!


  • actually, you can host avatars from your home computer... but that would require some program I'm not familiar with and the avatar would only show up when you're online and the program is running.

  • hell i just opened a link to one of the pics in a folder on my desktop, cut & pasted the link, and the avatar worked fine...

    wonder why they wont let you link them to your puter though?

  • just out of curiousity,
    what was the link?

  • I dont know. I'd haveta go back and look.

    I think the one I left posted up was a Superman Logo or a buffed up lookin cartoon character from DBZ (i think).

    But the reason I had asked is becuase I had a few avatars w/ chicks shakin their tits, one ridin a guy with hers bouncin, etc etc.

    I might hit Diver up on his offer when I have some free time on my hands...

  • If the link is to your computer, it will show up fine for yourself but noone else will be able to see it.

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