• recently i have been having symptons, pain during sex, bleeding during sex an a discharge. i went to a GUM clinic and got checked out, i was tested for gonorea an chlymidia (sorry bout the spellings lol) but the tests came back clear. i was also told i have bv an was given sum tablets which cleared up the discharge. however i am still bleeding during sex an the pains are still really bad! whats wrong with me???!!!!

  • I think you need to go back to the clinic and have an internal examination.

  • yes it does sound like something internal, possibly an ovarian cyst or endometriosis

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  • whats endometriosis?
    are cysts on the ovaries serious? also can they be hereditary as my sister has recently been diagnosed with problem with her ovaries.

  • To me, that sounds like pelvic inflamitory disease........but please, that is just my opinion......I am not a doctor.
    please go get a pelvic done as soon as possible.
    Do you douche?

  • i doubt it is pelvic inflammatory disease.

    i had that once and the pain was so bad i could barely stand up. i had no discharge or bleeding, just incredible pain.

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