Afraid to ask

  • i just read in this thread...
    the guy who made the thread says his foreskin is attached to the head of his penis...i honestly thought this was completely normal..but reading on it seems its not and your meant to have it unattached?

    is it safe to unattach it myself?

    also i have been worrying something is wrong with me

    i am 16 and my balls have not 'dropped', my voice has not broken, i have never had a wet dream.. i have some hair around my penis area but thats all...i am really short in height for my age...i think im only just about 5 foot. maybe less.
    un-erect my penis can sometimes go back into my body and be only 1cm big...even when fully erect i dont think its even 1 inch

    when will i mature? will my penis get bigger?!

    do i need to see a doctor or some kind of specialist?

    please help

  • Hey bud, we all develop at different stages and different times during adolescence. I'd say though that by now you should have noticed your testes having "dropped" into position and other typical signs of pubert. The fact that you've got some pubic hair is a good sign. I wouldn't be too worried just now about the foreskin being attached to the head of your penis and how to resolve that. I'm wondering when was the last time you saw a doc for any reason? Certainly there could be several reasons for this, first, that you are slower at puberty development and you're just not there yet. It may also be a sign of some hormone imbalance, I'm particularly concerned about the testicles not having dropped into place. So, is there someone in your family (Dad?) that you can talk this over with? I'd say its time for a check up with the doc to discuss all of this, then you know all systems are go, then you can work with your foreskin and things like that. By the way, most foreskins seperate from the glans (head) at about age 10/11 or so. Then later in adolescence some of us have to stretch things out a bit because our foreskin is too tight to easily slip over the head of our penis and onto the shaft and that can be painful etc. Hope this helps, let us know if you need more help and good luck.

  • I agree with lance that, though puberty varies a lot with different people, it's now time to get some medical tests done, in case there's something that needs correcting.

  • thanks, i know puberty can stretch a lot between everyone but i was beginning to think it was stretching it a bit too far with actually waiting for an invitation to visit a hospital doctor about my growth sometime this year.


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