Tampon question

  • I have never used a tampon in my life. My periods are very very light and don't last long. This may sound completely ignorant, especially since I'm going to be 25, but should I try using tampons even though my periods are so light?

    It has always seemed to me that you have to have a certain amount of fluid in order to use a tampon. Is this true?

    Should I just try it?

  • If your flow is light, then choose the tampon for a light flow, you don't know to have lots of blood there to enable you to insert one, some people like tampons some people hate them - I think you do just have to try and see how they suit you hon
    I used pads only after I had had my children and hated wearing them - but thats just me - I much prefer tampons, well except when I had a really bad cold, and used to cough a lot and almost fire them out - ewww that was gross - sorry <laughing>

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  • Try if you want...but it's not something you have to do. Yes there are tampons for the light flow...but honestly if your flow is very light then you should just stick to a pad.

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  • Thanks girls. It's very light, I'll try using a tampon and see how it goes.... Sometimes pads are very irriating, especially scented ones.

    If I don't like it, I won't bother!

    Oh, and that tampon-firing comment was hella-funny. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to blow out an ovary when I sneeze really hard.

  • I used to use only pads for a few years. I was always afraid of getting TSS if I ever used a tampon, but now since I've tried tampons I can't use pads anymore. It's like wearing a diaper anyway....a diaper that leaks. I agree with the really bad cold comment too. XD</font color>

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  • Don't forget that there are not only different sizes, but different brands...

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  • In reply to:

    I much prefer tampons, well except when I had a really bad cold, and used to cough a lot and almost fire them out

    aaaahahahaha nicely put, Angel! It sounds like we can all relate to that one too :wink:

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