When was the last time you masturbated

  • hey everybody I was owndering when the last time you masturbated was thisis for guys and girls and if you masturbated with a toy say what

  • Hopefully there never will be a "last time" i'm just beginning, it's been only 20 years of masterbating and hopefully have another 40+

    This Shits The Shit


  • February 8th. Gave it up for Lent We'll see if I make it to Easter...

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  • i am guessing you are masterbating this very moment, that is the only thing that can explain your poor grammer, punctuation and general sentence structure.

  • That is no way to lent.

    Everything looks different at 186mph!


  • as for when was the last time, this morning. what type of question is that. 95% of guys admit to it, the other 5% lie. what are you driving at

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