• ok me and my boyfriend have just started hooking up alot. hes been eating me out and fingering me. i used to have alot of pain when a guy would finger me, but not anymore, so he goes pretty fast now. But my problem is that now im late on getting my period. Im NEVER late, ive always been right on time ever since i started it. why am i late now all of a sudden? does it have anything to do with the hooking up?

  • well you didn't mention anything about having sex, so i would imagine that you can't get preg from a finger.

    ps. if that sounded rude, im sorry.

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  • yes i know im not pregnant, but why am i late all of a sudden?

    oh, and another question- i blew him first and the i didnt wash off my hand afterwards, we just went rite into him fingering me, and during it i started to help him a little bit, cause he likes to see that. but theres no way sperm could have been on my hand still rite? im just checking on this one...

  • Periods can be late for a lot of, stress, illness, hormones, etc.

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