Testi exam by doc question

  • i'm 30 and one ball feels a bit harder than normal, i think it's best i go to the docs but my doctor is female so can i see her or will i have to visit a male one?

    anyone know what they do ?

  • To what the doctor will do, I do not know. If they (or you) really feel that something is wrong, I would have thought they would put you on to see a specialist.

    You do have the right to ask to see another doctor if you feel you would rather be treated by the same sex for "personally matters", and your doctor, I'm sure would be very understanding (as most are).

    But to be completely honest with you mate, they see so many cocks and balls in the course of a year... yours isn't really going to be any different to someone elses. I often feel a little embarrassed with my doctor when I've had problems below, but only cuz I know him out of the surgery lol and down the local pub lol.



  • Tell your doctor that you think you have a problem with a ball. She will ask you to drop your pants and let her have a look, She is not going to make comments about your equipment. She will just feel the ball and let you know if she thinks anything is wrong. The whole examination will take about 10 seconds. It will be over before you know it.

    I understand what you say about being examined by a female doctor. I personally prefer a male doc expecially when I will have my cock and balls examined. Don't know why it makes a difference if the doctor is a man or a woman. After all they are going to be examining a very personal part of my body. I guess I would not be any more embarassed having a woman doing the examination than a man.

    Since I go to a male doctor, I don't have to worry about this problem.

    Let your doc do her job. If you pop a hardon during the examination, it will not be the first one she has seen. Better to know you are ok than worry.

  • ... Wait... is she hot? Cuz if she is, then go for it.

  • Don't worry about it. Considering the fact that you will be in a non-sexy setting and also nervous, there is almost no chance of getting an erection. Hard to believe, but try it...

  • it doesnt really matter if its a male or female doctor. both have medical degrees and know what your balls should feel like. a man wouldnt know any more than a woman would. you could get a second opinion if you wanted, but i do not think it necessary.

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