Does this happen to other girls?

  • i just turned 14 a few days ago and im pretty much like other girls except i think about sex ALOT! i think about it when i wake up, eat, go to school, during class, afterschool, during my afterschool activites and so on. i just lost my virginity a couple of weeks ago so i guess that could be why but even before then i thought about sex all the time. but not only do i think about it, i actually wanna do it. am i the only girl that is like this?!?

  • its called hornyness same with me

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  • i used to be like that too, it got me in trouble in school quite a few times b/c i wasn't paying attention. I'm not like that so much anymore, just when I'm really bored or someone mentions it to me.

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  • JUST turned 14 and already lost her virginity.....another sad case here

  • 14? Do you realize you are WAY TOO YOUNG to be having sex? Especially when you don't even understand your sexuality and why you feel the way you do? The reason you feel this way can be blamed on hormones, every growing teen gets them (its a part of life) and I HIGHLY reccomend pleasuring yourself WITHOUT others involved.

  • Although I agree with your opinion princess05, I do not like the way you expressed it. You cannot pressure here or yell at her for something that is already happened, but you can advise her to stop what she is doing in the future. Of course this is just my opinion.

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  • Or instead of expressing your opinion on how she shouldn't be having sex, which she obviously does not care about because she's having sex and isn't going to stop because someone online said she shouldn't, you could answer her question. I'm not saying that I agree with having sex that young, but they can and will do whatever they want, so why bother putting your two cents in when chances are that they've already heard it it all before and disregarded it. I'm not meaning to be rude or anything like that, it's just that I keep seeing this exact same thing in every thread that has to do with a young person having sex, so I'm finally saying what I want to say about it.

    To answer your question, yes it's normal to think about sex a lot, especially if you've just started having sex.

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  • Well, you are from West Virginia

  • actually im not from West Virginia. i just moved here from maryland and it was against my will

  • Its awesome bein that horny all the time! lol Im horny 24/7- i think about sex and stuff all day and then dream it all night- literaly

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  • I have a classmate which is a female (15 years old) and she always talks about sex and always says how she loves it.

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