Substittute for Anal beads?

  • Alright, well i heard that anal beads are really arousing and sexy or something alright, but again im 13 i dont have these kinds of stuff i was just wondering, is der something i can use to put in my anus to make me feel REALLY REALLY good?
    And ive also heard stuff bout a butt plug? what is that?

  • 13 years old and you're talking about anal beads and butt plugs. Can't kids be kids? What is this world coming to?

  • hey, I started in the tub before I was five, but those were some swingin' dayz back then.

    Google "butt plug" You'll find plenty of product descriptions and photos without having to go to an actual porn site.
    For the beads, you could try a neclace with big, fake pearls although I'd be worried about it snapping.

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  • Also, a good thing to stick up your ass is a penis, its just like a real dildo!

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  • ^

  • Get a banana or a hotdog or a carrot or a monkey. Ok dont get a monkey but everything else.

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