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    I'm a bit confused....... I have been amsterbating a lot to shemale porn. (yes I am serious) I don't know, for some reason men turn me off, but women turn me on. But however I ahd a girlfriend who's bagania smelled like dead fish, and it tatsted nasty. But for some reason I find the penis to be very..... um, intriging to me. I get off on that. I can't realy watch gay porn I don't get turned on by the guys. SHemale porn really turns me on.... Becasue I still like the pretty face of a woman, I am still obsessed with breasts, and a womans ass.... what does this mean to me?
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  • I think it's common and normal for guys to be interested in penises, if only for comparison. Ours, after all, are very dear to us.

    Evidently you have got turned off vaginas by a bit of unwanted aversion therapy. Aversion therapy (where people are put off unwanted attractions by bad smells or electric shocks, etc), however, is only temporary in its effects. I'd suggest you try to encourage the return of standard attractions, but don't get too stressed about it.

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    I have been amsterbating a lot

    No wonder everyone wants to go to Amsterdam.

    _"Bob is looking cool but he ain't smilin' no more!" _
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