• Sometimes when i finger my gf she this just from doing it too hard? Shes not a virgin.

  • She's not starting her period is she?

  • No its happened a few times never when shes starting her period

  • Thats a new one on me,She could possibly have some internal problems,I've been pretty rough with some pussy and never had it bleed.Does she ever just bleed without you fingering her and it's not her period

  • No

  • does she complain that it hurts?are you scratching her with your fingernails?

  • Sometimes she does and my fingernails get pretty long sometimes.

  • I would say be more gentle and trim them nails.It's been my experience that you don't have to be rough.just rub all over the outside of the vagina,then stick your finger in and rub the top inside of vagina,thats where the g-spot is,thenpull out and rub that clit,stick finger back in and rub that g-spot,then out to rub that clit,or rub g-spot and clit at same time,I'm not sure how old you guys are but her clit will be very sensitive if it hasn't been used alot,so be gentle.this has always seemed to work well for me and produced multi-orgasms.You know you've done it right if you can make her squirt.But most young girls are to insecure to do that till they get older.just slow down take your time and be gentle

  • orrr..

    u popped her charry.

  • Originally Posted By: sexykitty13

    u popped her charry.

    well maybe if it was just once, otherwise the most likely culprit is his fingernails, which he should trim

    When pigs mate, is it called Shake 'n' Bacon? or Porking the other white meat?


  • If she's on the pill, irregular bleeding can occur.

    Orale Chingon!


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