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  • Subject: MATH

    1.) Key in the first 3 digits of your phone number into a calculator (do not key in your area code). (noooooo don’t tell anyone it, lol)
    2.) Multiply by 80.
    3.) Add 1.
    4.) Multiply by 250.
    5.) Plus last 4 digits of your phone number.
    6.) Plus last 4 digits of your phone number again.
    7.) Minus 250.
    8.) Divide by 2.

    BAM! your phone number!

    Did it work for you? Lol I still haven’t got it working yet. Lol I suck at math though..

  • Worked for me.

  • me too!!!

    Texas Tech University - Home of the Best Students in the Country!!!


  • lol doesn't work for UK phone numbers



  • Yeah, that's just because you guys are odd.

  • nope... most of mine are even :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



  • Geeeeeeeeeeez i still can't make it work. grrrrrr
    see I really suck at math :frowning:

  • You have to hit the equal(=) sign after each step. It's not that hard.

  • Oh... it is that hard

  • YAY!!!!!!!! I did it! i'm not a dum dum head. YAY!!!! i did it.

    that's kinda cool now. lol

  • so what was the answer you came up with again? lol



  • lol i got it to work with ur number

  • only my mobile, but the home one doesn't work



  • It assumes that phone numbers have seven digits - ours have eight.

    Look at how it works:

    The adding 1 and then later subtracting 250 cancel each other out, because between them you multiplied by 250, so your extra 1 became an extra 250 that you subtract.

    80 x 250 = 20,000. Divide that by 2 (last step) and you have 10,000. Multiplying your first three digits by 10,000 just pushes them four places to the left in the number. Adding your last four digits twice, then dividing by two, is the same as adding them once - so that gives you your full number.

  • how do u hold all that info in your brain

  • In short, he's saying that the method you gave us just yanks the decimal around.

  • aw, you took away the "magic" ineligible! pouts I thought the number fairies were why it was working!



  • It didn't work for me it was 78.722 off

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