Long Distance Love

  • my b/f and i live in completely different states. He lives in wisconson and i live in wyoming, we met this last summer and we got really really close! i saw him during my christmas break and he bought me a necklace and told me he loved me and he didnt want anyone but me. i feel the same way, but i am scared that we will go off to college and forget about each other. i dont want that to happen. i have been going to a counsler for 9yrs because of depression caused because of sexual abuse as a child. but since i met eric i havent had to go to the counsler because i can talk to him about anything. i have even been taken off of my anti depresents. thanks to him. i love him soooo... much and i dont want to lose him. so i guess my question is one of two,
    one: do u think we could make our relationship last?
    and two: i'm 16 almost 17 do u think u can find true love at this age or do u think its just a crush?
    any opinions would be very helpful. THANKS love ya'll

  • I fell in love and I'm 17. And I think you can make the relationship work. Keep in contact with him. Send him an e-mail once a day or something. Call him every once in a while. Communication is important, if you've got that, then long distance is a lot easier.

  • thanks websex u made me feel soo.. much better and and a lot more positve about mine and erics relationship. thanks again. Chow*
    peace out ya'll

  • no prob. Let us know how it goes.

  • good news eric and i are doing ecxellent! my b-day is coming up and i heard from his mom that he is buying a plane ticket to come up here and surprise me for my birthday! i am soooooo excited. i also heard from a friend that he already has my present and guess what it is?..... its a ring! an engagment ring to be exact! ahhhh.. i am really happy. but kinda scared at the same time. what do u think? :wink:

  • Whoa! Hold on now, you're 16. How old is this guy? Do your parents know about this guy?

    If he wants to be engaged, you need to consider everything first. And if you do accept, then you need to stay engaged for a while. Like maybe a long while.

  • you're 16, and you guys have only met/seen each other twice, and you're talking about engagement...not to sound rude, but are you crazy?

    ~*~Smile, it's the second best thing you can do with your mouth.~*~


  • Mmm... Amanda is dead on. Short-term long distance relationships at your age are not a barometer for suitability as life partners. There’s no sense in rushing. Other than that, enjoy what seems to be a very nice relationship- just don't go over the top.



  • both of us are 16. i know that our decision is really drastic and like amanda said crazy, but if we do get engaged then we will stay that way till we both know for sure that we want to spend the rest of our lives with each other. we talked about it and he's not going to give me the engagement ring till we are both ready and neither of us have doubts. but for now i am wearing a promise ring that he bought me, pretty much just telling me that he does know that he only wants to be with me but since i am still trying to figure out who i am we can take it a little slower. thanks for your guys suggestions. they made me think alot.

  • That sounds better. I hope everything goes well.

  • 16andhorny,

    I know you don't want to hear this, but this relationship has alot of warning bells.
    First of all, there sure is alot of gift offering on his part and these gifts are rather expensive. It seems too early for this.

    But more importantly, may I ask WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
    You're sixteen years old and you're already acting married. Get out and begin interacting with others. Stop limiting yourself. Others may disagree but given the short time you've known this kid it and the fact that you are pretty young, it would be in your best interests to refrain from long-distance relationships until you've had more practice. In order to get good at finding a mate you have to explore, and you won't be able to do this if you're with a guy who lives in another state. Believe me, I've been where you are right now. Just looking out for your best interests sister!


  • Django is totally right.
    Take that advice, please.

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