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    I got a spermiogram and I had expected much more results.
    They only measured the amount of sperm, I had something like 68 million, and also the motility and the PH. Is this how it's usually done?
    I thought they would also measure what's actually in the sperm like concentration of ingredients and stuff like that.
    And how reliable is such a sperm rest? My results said that it was normal does this mean it's really normal? What if the person who examined the sperm sucked?

    There's a decent article on WikiPedia...

    In general they measure:

    Total volume:
    Amount of sperm cells per ML: Should be more then 20 million/ML
    Of these 100% per ML they look how they move, you need at least 50% that move normal / fast.
    Morphology: How 'normal' they look, e.g. like a normal sperm cell with one head and one tail.

    Only an 'in depth' analyses will tell you things like fructose and other things like white bloodcells, etc...

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    I always understood that having only one testicle does not render you less fertile than a person that has two, but I was just curious to see if someone here even went as far as being a sperm donor with only one testicle.

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