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    I am male, 30, and today I got a Brazilian waxing (I dunno what got into me.. I just saw an Ad at a supposed salon).

    I had some dark brown spots on my scrotum (they look like burns) .. because they showed up within an hour.

    • I left halfway after I realized She used a dirty-looking metal Spatula (utensil to apply the Wax)
    • She double dipped She didn't wear gloves
    • There was blood spots all over the Wax Strips.. but my scrotum stopped bleeding pretty quickly.
    • She didn't wash her hands after the previous customers (they were getting a facial) She had a cold and her nose kept dripping She didn't use any rubbing Alcohol or disinfectant
    • I had to wash using soap in the bathroom

    I am really worried about infection or STD / molluscum / herpes. What should I do?
    I have done this once before. (Please help!)

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