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    So I'm in 10th grade right now, if that has to do with anything. But anyway, me and this girl have been friends for over 3 years now and I've fallen for her. I've honestly liked for about a year now but I can't 100% tell if she has the same feelings for me, yet she has left a few hints in the past but I can't really tell if she's serious or not.


    For instance, I didn't see her in the summer as I go to camp, therefore I don't see her. So, in the beginning of the school year, it was the first time we seen each other in a while. And she acted as if she was obsessed with me in school and also did other things such as, snap chatting me (form of social media), texted me a few times, and reached out to me via Instagram (social media app/website). But in school she acted obsessed with me almost as if it were a joke, like always called me cute, always asked for hugs, immediately would try to be in my group, but I personally felt that we both had this understanding that she was kidding. Yet, I really didn't know. As the school year progressed (talking about this year), our relationship was great. We were getting along really well. She was always so cheerful around me, talked to me during our classes together and would always tease me.

    She did see one guy for a little bit recently but they ended their "thing", they weren't in a relationship, but they were kind of on just a "hook-up over the weekend" basis. But ever since they've ended, she has given ME the cold shoulder. I've done absolutely nothing! I'm so confused. I can't tell if she's playing games with me or just has something against me. I try talking to her and be friendly and she just acts like I'm not a person and it honestly kind of has me feeling depressed. In the beginning of the year, when she was "obsessing" over me, I tried to show a little interest back, but not too much as I didn't want to come off too strong. I wouldn't say I was ignoring her attention, but I was kind of brushing it off in a polite way.

    But now it feels as if she hates me. She even blocked me on one of her two Instagram pages (social media app/website). One of the pages, she lets everyone follow and she still lets me follow that page. But I used to follow her old page (which only a select few are allowed to follow, being mostly people she trusts or likes), but she blocked me for some reason. She even deleted a picture with me on her page. I'm extremely confused on everything. If she sees me in the hallway, and were walking to the same class, she won't say a word to me. I'm so lost in everything and really don't know what to. I have not done anything that I can come to realize. Any help would be so appreciated as I have liked this girl for a while and want things to go back to normal.

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