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    1.i am 19 years of age.How many times i can masturbate in a day everyday with out having any effect on my body?

    2.Muster bating once-twice a day is bad for health?

    3.i heard once a line against musterbation
    "how can you accept to get same pleasure from a vagina
    that you get from your self-controlled hand."

    what do expert have to say about this,does masturbation make you feel less from a vagina?

    4.squeezing your penis right before you cum to stop the cum getting outside (but yet having that orgasm) is bad?how much bad?or not even bad?or good?

    5.does masturbation enlarge penis?

    6.when i masturbate once a day i ejaculate twice or thrice.
    having simultaneous orgasm is bad ? how much bad?or not even bad?

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