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    Dear, to whom ever may be reading
    I'm a 17 year old male turning 18 in 2 days and I've got a problem, I hope I can get something other than critical remarks and criticism. I have a bad habbit I wish I can break but it seems impossible to try. I can't figure out a good way of putting this but when I consitraiting I
    tend to want to play with or touch my manhood and its not like, I like to I use to when I was young but now Its an addiction I can't stop. I only do it when I'm by myself because I dont feel and curtain comfort when i'm next to
    someone or if someone else is in the same room, only when I'm comfortable. I'm afraid if I find someone I can be comfortable with, I'm gonna start playing with my cock without noticing, that'll be alittle akward. Its that bad,
    out of no where I find myself playing with it and it could have been five minutes later from when I started, even when I writing this post I'm touching, feeling it around but not jerking it of anykind just light touching. I only do it in my room if I'm anywhere else in the house I don't. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and knows how to break it or any ideas how to. If you don't I still like to know your advise.

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    What makes a women loose all atraction to guys? Is something guys do or did if so what? Something your born with? If your born with it how would or could you know?

    I'm not a women myself but I come across alot of lesbians and its just something I'm curious about. I thought it would be kinda rude if i asked them so i'm posting it here.

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    Does masturebating effect your confidence, and if it does is that where the saying comes from "you dont have enough balls"? I mainly asking the guys but I dont think women have the same effect but I dont know

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    Yeah, Thats what i thought too but I didnt want to leave with out atleast trying, anyways now I've already moved on I just wanted to know If I could have done anything else.

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    I like this girl I met through a friend alright then I got up the courage to ask her out we went out and had a great time but 2 days after she found some dude to just have sex with seems like. After 2 weeks she left him and I asked her out again to try and go for it again on valentines day cuz neither of us had a date and again we had a great time i felt like we really connected but then 1 day later she went on a date with a guy she works with and had sex with him, and afterward she tells me about it. The next day i saw her and we started talking she told me she want to turn lesbian because all guys want to to is get down her pants... I'm clueless what did i do wrong, did i take a wrong turn somehwere? I think i somehow became a friend i guess what are your opinions?

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    1. Your Age:17

    2. Straight, homosexual, or bisexual?:Straight

    3. Your flaccid (soft) penis length:
    In the cold it can get to be 2"
    4. Your erect (hard) penis length:
    5. Are you satisfied with your penis length?:
    Should I be
    6. What would you say average length is?:
    7. Your flaccid (soft) penis girth (thickness)?:
    in the cold about 3 I guess
    8. Your erect (hard) penis girth (thickness)?:
    9. Are you satisfied with your girth (thickness)?:
    no I think it should be more
    10. Amount of Pubic Hair:
    11. Are you satisfied with your pubic hair?:
    sure why not
    12. What places do you have hair?:

    13. Do you wish you had more/less?:
    I dont care really
    14. Are you circumcised (cut)?:
    15. Do you ever wish you were/weren’t?:
    16. Do you have wet dreams?:
    no but sometims I wake up with a woody
    18. What's your farthest cumshot?:
    2.15 feets
    19. Do you consider yourself done with puberty?:
    I dont know
    20. Boxers/Briefs/Boxerbriefs/ or other?:
    Boxers definataly everything else is to tight

    21. Would you show your penis If a girl asked you to?:
    If she showed me her boobies first
    22. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? (Please state.)
    23. Have you kissed this person?:

    24. Have you had sex with this person/or before?:

    25. Did you enjoy it?:

    26. Oral sex?:

    27. Anal sex?

    28. What other kinds?:

    29. Have you ever had incest (having sex with a relative)?:

    30. If so, did you like it?:

    31. Do you masturbate?:
    32. Which hand do you use to masturbate?:
    I use to use my right but now its mostly my left
    33. How often?:
    it varies to maybe 2-4 times a day to maybe once a week
    34. What's your favorite place to jack off?:
    my room where its safe
    35. What’s the strangest place you've jacked off?:
    my friends bathroom after we watched porn... i was 13 and very horny
    36. Do you orgasm?:
    37. How, Where, or what do you use to clean it up with?:
    tissue sticks and hard to pick off so maybe a towl or a shirt
    38. Are you limber enough to suck your own dick?:
    I use to be able to suck my head and thats it but now No i cant
    39. Do you do it often?:
    Man i wish
    40. Do you wish you could/couldn't?:
    I wish i could
    41. Do you swallow/taste your semen?:
    I've thought about it but no I havnt
    42. Do you like it?:
    i couldnt say
    43. Do you experience other ways of masturbation?:
    not really
    44. Have you ever been caught jacking off?:
    yes 3 times and none of those times was a chick
    45. Are you jacking off now?:
    no.. more like playing with myself
    46. Do you jack off using condoms?:
    yes twice it made to much noise
    47. Do you ever play with you foreskin?:
    Sometimes with out even knowing if i'm alone
    48. Do you ever play with your balls?
    yeah I play with it all
    49. ...with your anus?
    Except that
    50. Do you ever masturbate at school?:
    once in the bathroom so my dick wouldnt budge

    51. Do you look at porn?:
    52. If so, what types?:
    mostly lesbian porn on the internet
    53. Have you ever been caught looking at porn?:
    yeah when i was couggh masturbating
    54. Do you jack off while looking at porn?:
    of coarse
    55. Do you ever look at porn with friends?:
    I hang out with girls that love porn so yes
    56. Do you go to porn webpages?:
    57. Do you download porn off of Kazaa or something?:
    something like that
    58. Do you look at porn mags?:
    not old enogh yet
    59. Do you parents give you porn?:
    no, i wish they never do
    60. Do you get bored of porn sometimes?:
    yeah just after I orgasmed

    61. Do you take showers or baths? (Which?):
    62. Do you use stalls or urinals for pissing?:
    63. Do you drink piss? Feces...?:
    hell no
    64. Do you ever peek at other people's penises while pissing?: no I think there a unsaid rule not to

    65. If so, what did you see?:
    Most likely a dick pissing
    66. Do you have sleepovers with friends?:
    yeah when ever I had to much to drink or to tire to go home proably because i had to much to drink
    67. Do you ever jack off with friends?:
    68. Do you compare penis sizes to friends?:
    yeah but i doubt they tell the truth
    69. Have you been seen naked by family members, or by friends?:no...

    70. Do your parents give you condoms?:i dont think they would

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    When I say "as much as guys do" I mean like as much as 1-2 times a day and if they do do you also like to look at porn. If so what kinds..... I'm new to the board and I'm curious and just want to know everything but I dont know how far I can go with questions.

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    Firm and rounded are hot but then teardrops are cute OH HELL I LOVE EM ALL!

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    Yeah so can I, but can you lift a 5 pound weight doing that?

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