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    I've been constipated for some years, and at the start of the summer I started eating veggies and drinking 4 bottles of water a day to fix it. Well it really helped and it was wonderful for some time, but now I have another problem. I still drink water and all that, but lately I've been so scared of not going to the bathroom to poop every day, that I usually just push once when I don't even have to crap. If i feel the crap inside me I go to the toilet and force it out, instead of calmly waiting for the urge to come. Well I just got back from the bathroom, this time I purposley waited for the urge, and it took me like 35 minutes.
    I probably have to wait for like 2 more days for my bowles to get back on track, but whenever there's a day where I don't have a bowel movement, I panic that I won't the day after that and so on.
    Is there anything I can do to help my bowels get back on track again?

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    I'm 15 and I have slight acne problem (No more than the average teen) and lately I've only been drinking sugar-free stuff and using acne cream, and it's helped.
    Anyhow, like 2 days ago I got what appears to be a zit RIGHT above (As in on the edge) of my upper lip.
    It rather looks like the rest of my zits, and it gets that white stuff on top that some zits get (That goes away after using the cream), so it pretty much acts like a zit too.
    But I have been asked if it's a herpes sore by my friends.
    That made me wonder, could it really be that?
    I've never had sex, and I've only made out with one girl but that was too long ago for me to be having an outbreak now for the first time. I now have an ew girlfriend that's never been kissed, and I'll be her first (so to speak) but now I'm nervous 'cause I don't want to give her a sore if that's what I have.
    I've looked at a picture and it doesn't REALLY look like a herpes sore (It's REALLY small), but is that what I could have?

    Help, I'm worried :frowning:

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    For the bigger part of my life (im 15) ive been constipated and had hemmorhoids due to the fact that when I was a kid and was playing outside and I had to take a crap, I would hold it in (for days).
    Anyway, now I've been having amazingly comfortable bowel movements, and then I stayed with my brother for a week and didn't exactly eat healthy food (Mostly pizza and chips).
    Now my last 3 movements were really uncomfortable..I had to go to the bathroom and push little streams out, and squeeze my ass to cut it, push, squeeze, cut and repeat as neccesary. Then when I would finish I'd feel like there was still poop in my body..
    Can anyone give me any advice on diet to get back on the track I was on?
    Thanks, sorry for rambling on and on

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    I think it means when you hold it in, it builds up into pressure and then goes away just as if you were fartin except it's internal.
    I do do it when I'm in public...If only people were more understanding about everything as you guys on A2A are :smile:

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    I've done it, but due to the feeling you get after masturbating where you don't think about anything sexual, I shrugged and deleted it, so i'll do it again soon.

    15 yrs. 6.9 and 5

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    I'm 14 and after spending most of my life sitting at a screwed up angle in chairs, my left-lower back has alot of ruptured veins.
    Can anyone tell me some more about ruptured veins and hoe they heal and stuff?

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    I haven't experimented with a...MOSS..But I'd like to.
    Just for one time, to see what it's like, but I doubt it will ever happen.

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    Okay my problem is this.
    I was dating a girl, and she dumped me.
    After a while she told me she wanted to get back together with me but she wasn't sure.
    I told her to think about it and then tell me.
    Fast forward 4 weeks and she hasn't said a thing.
    Now all of a sudden she's yelling at me for LOOKING at another girl in school, as if we're still together!.
    What. The. HELL?

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    Okay I have something (kinda long) I have to say.
    I'm (14 yr. old) not one of those lookers girls flock to, but I know I'm not all ugly since it's happened twice to me that those hot and popular girls had crushes on me.

    Now that i've gotten that out of the way..

    First try: My first relationship would have been good if not for the way I was.
    She was a popular girl who really liked me and wanted to start dating me.
    Since I was in the 8th grade and was pretty desperate to date a girl, I said yes, without ever having met her.
    Since the only reason I wanted to be with was to be with her, but I didn't really like her.
    The one time in our 2 week relationship we met I couldn't even kiss her.
    I always made excuses to not see her, and after those 2 weeks she dumped me, wich kind of made me glad.

    Second Try: This girl I really liked.
    I've never EVER liked ANYONE this much.
    We met at a party (last summer) but we were the only ones that weren't drinking.
    When one of the girls was puking and stumbling around and noone would help her, me and her walked her to the next gas station and called her parents, and on the way back we started talking ALOT.
    She was beautiful, fun, smart, and fun to talk to.
    Appearantly she thought that of me too because I got a bombardment of text messages from her girl friends telling me this.
    So during that summer we hung out alot alone but never got together.
    I was told she would not stop talking about me and that I should ask her out.
    I couldn't have been happier but that's where things went down the shitter.
    One day I was going to ask her out, when I got a text message saying that she met another guy that came right out and sasked her out, and that she said yes.
    Wich led to me laying on the floor for about 2 hours listening to one song over and over.
    She's still together with that guy and they're really happy togheter, and I'm happy for them.
    But I still want to beat that guy over the head with a frying pan.

    Third Try: This girl I always kind of liked.
    She wasn't a popular hot girl, but a cute girl that I always kind of liked but never knew why.
    At a school ball I was going to ask her to dance, and she knew this, but I chickened out.
    After the ball I asked her to my home to talk.
    That was all really mushy and we ended up dancing to the same song we would've danced to at the ball, in my room.
    We started dating, and we did so for 2 months (That's pretty long in teenage relationship time, mind you).
    We spent most our time in my room watching TV wich was really nice, and of course we made out and all.
    Things were pretty hot'n'heavy (REALLY hot'n'heavy) when we hung out together.
    When she dumped me I didn't really mind THAT much, I mean I wasn't in love with her.
    Sure It sucked pretty bad but I could live with it.
    Before I tell you this next part, remember that she was the first girl I made out with (Including other more sexual things).
    After she dumped me knew I'd manage just fine.
    But then I started remember all the times we were kissing and stuff (Pillows and covers flying everywhere), and THAT made me miss her (And continues to do so).
    During the holiday vacation from school I asked her to get back together with me, and she thought about it, and told me to ask her again when school started.
    When school started I was going to ask her but when I saw her I found out I really didn't want to date her but to do the stuff we did (Wich right now I'd settle for doing with ANY girl).

    And there ya have it.
    The insane ramblings of a 14 year old teenage kid on puberty.

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    I'm 14 and have been going through the same thing for a couple of weeks.
    I sometimes masturbate to gay porn but don't EVER want to actually do anything sexual with a guy in real life.

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