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    We've been dating 9 months and i like my girlfriend alot. I trust her completely, and am 100% sure she would never cheat on me. I don't believe she would leave me unless a sudden change in the relationship occured. i know my relationship is secure and not worried about it from a relationship point of view. Currently.


    My girlfriend is very outgoing, has alot of guuy friends, and i find it frustrating knowing that guys think differently than most girls and thus.. this is where I find my jealousy. I can't stand to think that another guy would view the things she does as a sign of affection.

    So I made up a list of things that may frustrate me, and im curious if you guys could give me some feedback if you think my jealousy is warranted and i should talk to her about it, or if i should not bring it up and deal with it myself... i know that protective/jealous guys are turn offs. Remember it isn't the fact that i think shes going to leave me that makes me jealous, just the fact that other guys might be getting satisfaction out of it. That frustrates me, and thus makes me jealous.

    -Grazing Another Guys Face
    -Having Other guys pick her up and sling over their shoulder
    -PiggyBack Rides
    -Sitting on Another Guys Lap
    -Close Dancing With Other Guys

    GUYS tell me what you would honestly do in each situation
    GIRLS tell me if you would ever do these things with other guys while your boyfriend is around, and also any advice for me? (my girlfriend isn't trying to make me jealous)

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    id say a little bit of both if my girlfriend or evven me would touch the glans it would feel kinda awkward.

    i can get the foreskin over the head and back again and thers no problem with retract and deretract but it defenatley doesnt go over effortlessly.

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    ive found that whenever iom getting a hand job or head, the foreskin pulling back over the head and back over again is and uncomfortable process.

    does anyone else find this?
    if not, what can i do to help, ive gotten several HJs and 3 BJs and still haven't been able to cum and i think this could be the reason why?


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    cut out the Creatine/nitrous oxide.

    I had a problem with erections while taking creatine, they were really weak when the did get up.

    i know that creatine has some affect by absorbing lots of water, it could lower your blood pressure?? (BP causes the penis to become erect, i believe??))

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    1. Your Age: 17

    2. Straight, homosexual, or bisexual?: Str8

    3. Your flaccid (soft) penis length: 3.5

    4. Your erect (hard) penis length: 5.5

    5. Are you satisfied with your penis length?: Yeuh

    6. What would you say average length is?: 5.5

    7. Your flaccid (soft) penis girth (thickness)?: dunno

    8. Your erect (hard) penis girth (thickness)?: dunno pretty thin

    9. Are you satisfied with your girth (thickness)?: meh, could b thicker

    10. Amount of Pubic Hair: Fair Amount

    11. Are you satisfied with your pubic hair?: Yes

    12. What places do you have hair?: lots of places lol

    13. Do you wish you had more/less?: more---legs

    14. Are you circumcised (cut)?: no

    15. Do you ever wish you were/weren’t?: yes, i would like to be circumsized

    16. Do you have wet dreams?: no, i ALMOST had one

    18. What's your farthest cumshot?: never tryed, usually tissue it , or dont pay attention

    19. Do you consider yourself done with puberty?: no

    20. Boxers/Briefs/Boxerbriefs/ or other?: boxers or boxerbriefs

    21. Would you show your penis If a girl asked you to?: yea

    22. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? (Please state.) no

    23. Have you kissed this person?:

    24. Have you had sex with this person/or before?:

    25. Did you enjoy it?:

    26. Oral sex?:

    27. Anal sex?

    28. What other kinds?:

    29. Have you ever had incest (having sex with a relative)?:

    30. If so, did you like it?:

    31. Do you masturbate?: yes

    32. Which hand do you use to masturbate?: right

    33. How often?: 3-4 week

    34. What's your favorite place to jack off?: computer

    35. What’s the strangest place you've jacked off?: hmm, family room couch OH NO!!! ahahah

    36. Do you orgasm?: yes

    37. How, Where, or what do you use to clean it up with?: tissue

    38. Are you limber enough to suck your own dick?: no

    39. Do you do it often?:

    40. Do you wish you could/couldn't?: not really

    41. Do you swallow/taste your semen?: once i tasted

    42. Do you like it?: no

    43. Do you experience other ways of masturbation?: no

    44. Have you ever been caught jacking off?: no

    45. Are you jacking off now?: no

    46. Do you jack off using condoms?: no

    47. Do you ever play with you foreskin?: no

    48. Do you ever play with your balls? yes

    49. ...with your anus? sometimes

    50. Do you ever masturbate at school?: no

    51. Do you look at porn?: yes

    52. If so, what types?: foot fetish, milf, straight pron

    53. Have you ever been caught looking at porn?: no

    54. Do you jack off while looking at porn?: yea

    55. Do you ever look at porn with friends?: i have

    56. Do you go to porn webpages?: yes

    57. Do you download porn off of Kazaa or something?: no

    58. Do you look at porn mags?: no

    59. Do you parents give you porn?: no

    60. Do you get bored of porn sometimes?: yes

    61. Do you take showers or baths? (Which?): both, 9/10 times a shower

    62. Do you use stalls or urinals for pissing?: urinals

    63. Do you drink piss? Feces...?: NO

    64. Do you ever peek at other people's penises while pissing?: no

    65. If so, what did you see?:

    66. Do you have sleepovers with friends?: not anymore

    67. Do you ever jack off with friends?: no

    68. Do you compare penis sizes to friends?: sorta

    69. Have you been seen naked by family members, or by friends?: no

    70. Do your parents give you condoms?: yea

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    Hi, im 17 years old, have never been in a relationship in my life,im not a bad looking guy however, and could get a girl that i would find attractive, but i dont follow through ever.

    It seems like I always have a few girls liking me, and then ill begin to like a girl who doesn't like me and Heres the thing, once i find out they like me, the lust begins to die?? I can't seem to embrace it, and as times goes by i eventually begin to resent them, and look at them negatively???

    Could it be that im actually scared of a relationship, since ive never been in one? B/c i do find when i think about asking out a girl, i dont know how to go about it, or how things will play out after that,since im so unexperienced in relationship... and i guess that might scare me??

    Any advice would be great

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    ive already been eating alot more than i usually would, i understand that eating alot is nessicary for a hardgainer to gain, this is why im looking to creatine for that next level.


    what i mean by working out twice, is that ive been on a routine twice, ive worked out many many times.

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    Well, im looking for a 15 pound gain in 3-4 months, ive gained 5 already in one month. As well as being more fit, and feeling/being stronger. But yeah i know that diet is the most important element to getting bigger and stronger, and ive been eating very well, and very frequently. But i thought creatine ties in with diet? Im already taking protein powder after every workout and anohter one the next day. I try to rest my body as much as possible when its down, and avoid cardio, or too much physical activity.

    You say creatine has effects on the cellular level? Im pretty sure i know what it does, does it not get more oxygen to the muscles resulting in one being able to lift more on the spot, which also leads to a better workout + which leads to bigger gains if the diet is good? Am i wrong?

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    Re: Helsman-- i'm looking for quicker gains. i dont want to be working out and getting nowhere. This is the 2nd time ive seriously worked out, the first time i did without supplements and found it quite hard.

    what do you mean by recipitor down regulation?

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    Age: 16
    Flaccid: 3.5
    Erect: 4.75

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