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    If you believe it is not going to work for you then it wont!

    I have tried it and it works perfectly for me:) The proof is in the pudding.

    Some people just want to have an oppinion about everything without any facts to back it up.

    You get different psychiatrists and yes some of them are bad, and prescribe medicine that makes you feel worse but you have to use your own conscioussness here and decide for yourself what is right?

    I have been to two psychiatrists and the 1st one wanted to put me on "prozac" which would have been the worst mistake of my life! Luckily i refused because i have heard stories of how anti-depressants cause side-effects and the suicidal thoughts you get.
    Also there was a movie that Christina Ritchie acted in called "Prozac Nation" that caught my attention and didnt give prozac a good reputation.

    In all due respect my bullshit has more credentials then your half-sided yes and no.

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    Ok no problem:) so the best thing to understand now is that you can never please or impress them enough, for them to like you.

    No matter what you do, they will never be satisfied.

    You have to be satisfied with yourself for accomplishing all your goals:)

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    How has the stop in masturbation and watching porn, gone so far?
    Because that is what this thread is all about?

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    The family situation at home, seems to be troubling. It also seems that you are trying to impress someone by getting good grades. I say that because you wrote a test but u felt bad afterwards when u didnt answer all the questions.

    I think it could be the lack of self-acceptance that you are going through.You are being tooo hard on yourself.

    If you can see a psychiatrist please do.They can help guide you in a good direction.

    Normaly when people are depressed you dont feel like doing anything and most people avoid you. If you could do the opposite and do everything that makes you feel good.
    Your body will adjust and you will start thinking happy thoughts.

    Also your eating habits. Most causes of depression are because of your Blood type.Theres a book called: "Eat right for your type". What it does, is it tells you what excercises and foods are good for your blood type.

    I am bloodtype O: and i am supposed to be very energetic. if i dont do hectic sports or excercise then i get depressed which is true. This is not true for all blood types though:)

    If you would like to know more please contact me:)

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    I hope everything is ok now?
    That seems to be a realy hard time you are going through.

    I am only 19 and still studying and i am lucky to have a few problems:)

    The best thing to do is some meditation and eat healthly.Your energy maybe too low to do most of the things you need to do.

    Try and think of the future in a positive way by looking at situations and thinking of the best outcome.Its called "affirmation".It is used in psychiatry:)

    I hope this helps:)

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    I know what you are going through.

    I was masturbating before i became a christian and stopped afterwards.I had some problems with the churches and people,as well as some religous laws that i departed from Christianity.

    The thing that u are going through is depression and you are using you body to try and run away from whateva is eating you up inside.

    It could be anything.Masturbation is not evil but it can lead to some serious problems if the person who does it, is having problems.

    I think the word is called "somitisation". My spelling could be wrong but please try to find out more.

    The best thing to do is to seek help, by looking for a psychiatrist and finding a good support group.

    I am going through a similar ordeal at the moment with myself and i can tell u it is not easy.

    It would be nice to be in contact with you and to share our experience but that is up to you:)

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