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    Sounds like she wants what she can't have or she is realizing she fucked up and is truly sorry. That's something you will have to try and see through.

    I say keep in touch with her and feel her out. If you keep in touch and she just wanted what she couldn't have it'll probably feel like she's fucking with you. If she truly fucked up, it will feel like it did in the first place... love.

    You two weren't really together, right? I wouldn't hold a grudge that she fucked another dude... what matters is what happens NOW.

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    Originally Posted By: LittleQ

    I think I should be a little more clear about one thing: I have no intention of trying to make this relationship work again. She is someone else's problem now :wink:

    I am just trying to figure out what I should learn from all of this.


    Go back and read your entire rant thread. Read every ones replies. Read your replies. Think about that. Learn from that.

    What you should be learning from this, a year and a half later is...(this could have been learned within a couple of months if you just took the advice you were given which was to date chicks to see what the fucks sup) don't be settled with temporary satisfaction. Meet a girl, 1 red flag, fuck her n chuck her, or just chuck her. Straight up. lol. When you meet a girl that will completely satisfy you, you will know it then when you find out she doesn't change the toilet paper roll and that's quirk of yours and she cant accept/cant learn/wont adapt to putting a new toilet paper roll in the dispenser... You now know she is pretty probably stubborn or just she doesn't accept change well. What happens when you're living together? and even though you may like a million things about her... this would be a pretty good red flag. Do you like a stubborn chicky or what?(obviously this is a hypothetical scenario and in order for you to find out this quirk before moving in with her you'd need to go into her washroom after she rips one on a coincidental time where the TP was low and she used it all but never topped it up or you could bait it out at your house with a low roll of TP but she may swap the new TP in just 'cause it isn't her house or partially her house and if that were the case you'd need the highly unlikely coincidental mis-hap of a low roll and her simultaneously using it while you're in the house to find out if she doesn't top it up... ideally you could just fuckin' use something else to ground if she is stubborn or not, haahahaha) What you also should have learned is... After 2 weeks you don't know shit. Sounds like not even a year in she was already fucking around with someone. Did you know her then? What about at a year and a half? You didn't know her well enough to know she was just going to fuckin' bounce. I'm not a doctor or anything but to me it sounds like you're trying satisfy yourself anyway you can and are not thinking entirely about it and the consequences.

    Holy I'm stoned, that would be why so much thought went into TP there, I guess. lol

    Edit: Of course it makes sense to me right now when I'm all stoned but tomorrow I am going to learn something too, brother... I'll learn whether or not I should give a lending hand in the brain department when I am stoned. :smile:

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    I'm a guy.
    The guy in question is a buddy of 7 years.

    2 months ago I got my buddy a job at the restaurant I work at. He started out doing really good and was very coach-able. As time went on his attitude changed, a lot. To put it lightly... he just wasn't perceiving enough for the job. He had attitude towards servers and swore like he didn't give a shit within ears reach of customers.

    From day one I haven't complained, I've worked 14 days straight, I've come in anytime the phone has ringed because they needed help and not to brag but, I'm really good at my job and I constantly get better. Because of this my boss holds me VERY high. If I don't like working with someone, they're gone. Between the other cook that my boss holds high on the respect list and I, we ultimately decide who stays in the kitchen.

    Fast forward to last night, two months in. Buddy is being a complete fucking two year old and why? because he can't differentiate business from friends. One of the servers asked him a question and he pretty much told her off dropping the F bomb to the point I KNOW customers heard it because I was sitting out at a table. His attitude has done a fuckin' 360 then another 180 since he started. Straight up not fit for the job.

    My boss calls me today asking me about last night. Asking me if there was a predicament between Buddy and Chicky. Asking if Buddy was in the wrong and if the Chick was in the right. I said my buddy was wrong for sure and the server was polite, she is a very nice girl. My boss tells me hes going to let buddy go as he hasn't even been there 3 months and this and that and I just said ok.

    An hour after the conversation with my boss my buddy sends me a text stating we're done.

    I didn't rat him out. My boss asked me and I answered. Business is Business and Friends is Friends.

    My buddy is probably looking at the situation as if I ratted him out and "I'm just an asshole" but really he is just not realizing the business:friends side of it.

    Do I owe him an explanation or do I just let him go on thinking how he might be thinking and truck on not bothered by the fact we're not friends anymore?

    Here is something that happened that I'm taking into consideration whether I let him go on in his delusion(maybe I'm being delusional???????) or not; Somewhere along the two months he has worked at the restaurant he broke up with his girlfriend the same night he cheated on the girl he knew I had interest in. The girl was one of the servers at the restaurant. I no longer talk to the girl, they're dating... my buddy didn't tell me anything about it, I had just heard from word of mouth around the restaurant. Him and I worked together 2-3 times since that had happened and he never told me about it. After 2 days all he said was " Can you believe it took me 2 years of listening to my buddy's telling me to break up with insert X-GF name here? " all I replied with was " Are you sure that is why you broke up with her? " and he just humbled on. Later on that night after work outside we were talking and I called him on everything I heard. He fessed up and told me how much he respects our friendship and this and that. Honestly, I am not pissed off by what happened but he dropped a couple notches on my respect scale for doing what he did since he wouldn't even tell me about it.

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    Sit around and see if it comes back to you, then deal with it?

    For next time... if you won't say it to their face, don't say it to someone else.

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    Life is what you make it. Weed isn't harmful. I wouldn't say any drug is harmful... unless in the wrong hands.

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    I am a sarcastic asshole. Just lately I've REALLY been realizing what I say and how it takes effect on people.
    I am the funniest person some people know. I am pretty funny when my moment to speak comes around but sometimes it's a bit overboard and people sometimes tend to take it personally.
    I don't smile for no reason.
    I don't have a very enthusiastic voice
    I work VERY hard and respect myself for it.
    I smoke a lot of weed but I am fine with it since it doesn't hinder my ability
    I think a lot. About everything. You say hey and I'm analyzing what tone and look you used. I think A LOT. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!! Is this OCD?
    I bounce my knee when sitting at a dinner table. When I am sitting at a poker table. When I am waiting in the doctors office. While I am talking to the doctor. While I'm on my break at work. Everywhere. If I'm sitting I am usually bouncing my leg at one point or another. I usually notice it and just keep doing it but not much longer after I stop as it is then taking thought process to do it. One day I woke up and went downstairs to find my grandma and mom having coffee and my grandma out of the blue asks me if I still bounce my leg and I say sure I do, I probably wont ever stop. She goes on to tell me about how I should stop doing that and that if I(this is how I took it) wanted to go anywhere big in life (lawyer, doctor, 7 year school pissaway,lol, it's just not my thing) I would need to stop bouncing my leg.
    When I am laying in bed I will cross my feet at the ankles and rub the top foot on the bottom foot back and fourth until I fall asleep. I usually don't notice myself doing it and didn't notice how much I do it in all-time situations(not just in bed!) until my ex put her foot on my feet every time I was doing it. Feet up on the coffee table, watching t.v in bed, sitting on the couch. I usually bounce my knee everywhere else as I am sitting on something solid.
    I dwell on lots of scenarios for a long time. Good or bad.
    I have an "if I can do it why can't you" attitude, but I am also very understanding and considerate.
    I feel I have tons of confidence I can do something... until it is time. For anything. Procrastination? Mental problem?
    I don't show much emotion.
    I am not very sensitive to others' problems unless it is immediate family or close friend.
    I go through friends like socks. My sister tells me it is because I am un-aware and careless of my actions. I have kept a couple or few good friends along the way.
    I feel I am very perceiving.

    that is some stuff I notice about myself.

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     Originally Posted By: TangledWeb
    What if you don't find the girl attractive, would you still sleep with her?

    I hung out with a chick that wasn't attractive but not unattractive(if you can make sense of that)... hold on, let me re-phrase part of that; this girl slept over on 5 different occasions. I could have been laid each time but just didn't want too. ??? I kept thinking maybe my thoughts would change because she was a pretty cool chick, hence the 5 times and not once.

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     Originally Posted By: aquarius
    I also have another situation with I and A. I wouldn't mind getting back with I if it did happen, but the thing is, I've always liked A a little more, it's just that A is hardly ever available...he's always dating someone.

    A is kind of with someone right now, but if in the near future he
    becomes available, I kind of like A more than I and was sort of set up with I. I, my ex doesn't want to date me anymore so...I don't think he would be mad if I tried something with his cousin. He's the one that dumped me, right? What if A started to like me?

    Would it be okay to go for A if it is okay by I?

    It'd be okay to go for A if it's okay by I.

    Why don't you open your eyes up to like... Z and Y and G, H, Q... there are plenty of dudes out there. I recently was stuck in a predicament between the same group of girls. It is really not worth the hassle. What is worth the hassle... is getting out there and meeting someone new until you find the someone. I ignored all of the girls in my predicament and started fresh. Opened my eyes a lot too on what I really wanted in my better half.

    As far as the text-dump... I've had it happen. I asked this girl out un-officially as she was still w/ buddy and she said yes(she was dumping him same day as question) she ended up breaking up w/ buddy and we hung out 3 nights in a row. All to the wee hours of the a.m. She sends me a message 10 minutes after dropping her off the 3rd night officially ending what wasn't official. hahaha

    It REALLY just shows how much the person respects things in life. Weather the relationship be 5 minutes or 2 years... my break up will always be done in person.

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    Does your friend want you seeing her sister? If not, then forget about it.
    If you date her and break up with her... living under the same roof will be 10x as hard.

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     Originally Posted By: Roc
     Originally Posted By: CockRocker

    I've been working w/ a girl for a couple months..."chemistry" is there. I'm 18, she's 27.

    Is there a reason she hasn't asked me for MY phone number?

    Should I ask her for hers or ask her out or is this a work-only thing?

    Perhaps she doesn't want to be a babysitter !!!


    How ever my life isn't very far off key to an adults. I'd say my maturity is on the high side for an 18yr old. My youngest brother is 28, oldest 38. w/ 3 spread out in between(I say this to refer to why I think I'm a little more on the mature side as I've kind of been following them my whole life) and my Mom hardly ever gets involved with my life because I don't need her as a leg to stand on.

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