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    There are a few posts like this, but they're fun so here I go:

    The weirdest plave I've masturbated was in the cinema watching From Hell. It was really weird cos I tried not to let anyone see me (don't think it worked though).

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    In my 'friends' room while he was in shower
    Also in his bathroom
    Everywhere in my house
    In my class room while no one was there
    In the school toilets
    In the cinema watching From Hell

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    I'm so sick and tired of those stupid replies saying: "Oh yeah, all the time when you're a teen!"

    I'm 16, and I can control my dick, okay! I don't get an erection if a girl touches me. I saw one naked the other day, and I didn't even get an erection there (and no, nothing is wrong with me - it's just what I'm like).

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    Average: 25-35 times a week :grin:
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Status: Single

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    1. Your Age: I'm 16

    2. Straight, homosexual, or bisexual?: bisexual

    3. Your flaccid (soft) penis length: 5 Inches

    4. Your erect (hard) penis length: about 8 Inches, I think

    5. Are you satisfied with your penis length?: Yes I am

    6. What would you say average length is?: 7 inches

    7. Your flaccid (soft) penis girth (thickness)?: Dunno

    8. Your erect (hard) penis girth (thickness)?: Dunno

    9. Are you satisfied with your girth (thickness)?: Yes

    10. Amount of Pubic Hair: Enough

    11. Are you satisfied with your pubic hair?: Yeah

    12. What places do you have hair?: Everywhere - but I'm not covered in it

    13. Do you wish you had more/less?: Maybe a bit less on my cheast and my legs

    14. Are you circumcised (cut)?: Nope

    15. Do you ever wish you were/weren’t?: No, I'm happy with my un-circumcised penis

    16. Do you have wet dreams?: No

    18. What's your farthest cumshot?: I really have no idea

    19. Do you consider yourself done with puberty?: Yeah, pretty much done

    20. Boxers/Briefs/Boxerbriefs/ or other?: I always wears boxers

    21. Would you show your penis If a girl asked you to?: i depends on who it is. Not a family memeber, but strangers and friends I would.

    22. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? (Please state.) Not at he moment

    23. Have you kissed this person?: I have kissed persons. Only girls, though.

    24. Have you had sex with this person/or before?: No, I'm a virgin. And proud to be!

    25. Did you enjoy it?: Well, I am looking forward to my first time.

    26. Oral sex?: Nope

    27. Anal sex? No

    28. What other kinds?: Huh?

    29. Have you ever had incest (having sex with a relative)?: Yuk! NO I HAVEN'T

    30. If so, did you like it?: I really doubt that I will like it.

    31. Do you masturbate?: Yeah - you think I'm stupid

    32. Which hand do you use to masturbate?: Both, but mostly right hand

    33. How often?: It depends on a lot. Maybe 2-10 times a day. I like masturbating

    34. What's your favorite place to jack off?: At the computer and in my bed

    35. What’s the strangest place you've jacked off?: In the cinema. Yeah, I did that. I was watching From Hell and suddenly felt the need to masturbate - so I did. And I actually think someone saw me! Also in my old class room, when I was the only one there.

    36. Do you orgasm?: Sometimes I do.

    37. How, Where, or what do you use to clean it up with?:

    38. Are you limber enough to suck your own dick?: Nope.

    39. Do you do it often?: If I could I probably would.

    40. Do you wish you could/couldn't?: It's not like I wish I could do it, but if I could I wouldn't not wish it.

    41. Do you swallow/taste your semen?: I have tasted it once

    42. Do you like it?: No, not really

    43. Do you experience other ways of masturbation?: Well, once I pretended like I made love to a woman (this was a big teddy bear) and all of the sudden sperm came out of my dick. That's how I found out what masturbation is.

    44. Have you ever been caught jacking off?: No, never.

    45. Are you jacking off now?: How could I not, when I'm taking this test? Sure I am!

    46. Do you jack off using condoms?: I "stole" some condoms from my aunt once and tried it, but it didn't feel good. I did it 3 times.

    47. Do you ever play with you foreskin?: Yeah, I do

    48. Do you ever play with your balls? Not so much, but I do sometimes.

    49. ...with your anus? Very, very rarely. I don't really like it.

    50. Do you ever masturbate at school?: I have on the toilets a few times, and also in the class room.

    51. Do you look at porn?: Yes, I do

    52. If so, what types?: Almost everything. Well, everything that's legal. I'm very much against illegal porn.

    53. Have you ever been caught looking at porn?: No, never.

    54. Do you jack off while looking at porn?: I am do.

    55. Do you ever look at porn with friends?: I have looked at porn with some of my friends (they were girls). It was like 5 girls, and then me
    It's a long time ago, though.

    56. Do you go to porn webpages?: Not so often, but I do sometimes.

    57. Do you download porn off of Kazaa or something?: Nope.

    58. Do you look at porn mags?: Only if my dad has one. I never buy them.

    59. Do you parents give you porn?: Nope!

    60. Do you get bored of porn sometimes?: Yeah. I do everytime I watch it actually. Its not fun to see the woman suck his dick for like 10 minutes, and then him eating her pussy for 10 more minutes.

    61. Do you take showers or baths? (Which?): I take showers, but I like to take baths as well.

    62. Do you use stalls or urinals for pissing?: Both

    63. Do you drink piss? Feces...?: NO. How disgusting.

    64. Do you ever peek at other people's penises while pissing?: Yeah, I do. But it's not very good, cos I just get an erection.

    65. If so, what did you see?: An alien. What do you think? I saw his dick, of course.

    66. Do you have sleepovers with friends?: Not so often, but sometimes.

    67. Do you ever jack off with friends?: No, never have.

    68. Do you compare penis sizes to friends?: I did with my cousin once, but I was like 8 and he was 11. Haven't done it since then.

    69. Have you been seen naked by family members, or by friends?: I try to hide myself when I started growing pubic hairs, and I still do. But my brother saw me a few years ago.

    70. Do your parents give you condoms?: No, they don't.

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    ... can someone tell me what an inch is in centimeters?

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    The size of ones dick does not decide when one get armpit hairs. You will just have to wait, I'm sure you will get them soon. I'm 16, and I have them.

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    No, I'm not gay. I have been masturbating for a long time now. Its not like I think of them everytime, but once in a while I just need something different. Do you understand?

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    What? I don't get erection all the time. I don't get erection when I'm tired. I can control my self! Yes, I have an erection in the morning very often. Not when I'm sleepy. I can control myself and my dick.
    That annoys me, cos everyone has this vision that all teenage guys gets erections all the time.

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