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    1. Have you ever masturbated? Yes

    2. On average, how often do you masturbate? Once every 2-3 days

    3. Have you masturbated in the past week? Yes

    4. Have you masturbated in the past 2 days? Yes

    5. Have you masturbated in the past 24 hours? Yes

    6. Have you ever masturbated in a Burger King? No

    7. What's your most common method? The regular style :P

    8. What is the most times you have masturbated in a 24 hour period? (If you don't know, estimate) 3

    9. What are the most times you have masturbated in a week? (approximately) 6

    10. How often do you think the typical guy your age masturbates? 3 times a week,

    11. Compared to the average guy your age, do you think you masturbate? too much

    12. Do any of your friends know how often you masturbate? Nope

    13. Have you ever discussed masturbation in a fairly serious manner with your parents? Nope

    14. Have you ever had cybersex? Sadly

    15. How long is your typical masturbation session? 20 minutes

    16. Do you follow the same routine or do you vary what you do? same stuff

    17. Have you ever masturbated using a condom? No

    18. Have you ever filmed yourself masturbating? No

    19. Have you ever masturbated to pornography? (movie, pics on internet, etc)Of course

    20. Where do you usually masturbate? My room

    21. Do you usually masturbate Yes

    22. How do you feel about the size of your penis? Average

    23. What is the sixe of your erect penis? 6 inches

    24. What is the size of your erect girth? 3 inches

    25. Have you ever masturbated in a public place where it would have been somewhat easy to get caught? No

    26. Have you ever masturbated in a public restroom? Yes

    27. Have you ever masturbated outdoors? No

    28. Have you ever been caught masturbating? No

    29. What do you usually think about when you masturbate? The pic on my comp screen

    30. Do you ever feel guilty about masturbating? Sometimes, yes

    31. Have you ever fantasized about being the pizza delivery guy? No....

    32. Do you use lube when you Masturbate? No

    33. If so, what type? None

    34. When are you more likely to masturbate? 1-2 hours after school

    35. Has someone else masturbated you at all? No

    36. Have you ever masturbated in front of another person? No

    37. If so, who?

    38. Good morning! How often do you wake up with an erection? Not often

    39. How old were you when you started to masturbate? (best estimate)14

    40. How did you learn about masturbation? Cant remember

    41. Since you started, what is the longest period of time you have gone without masturbating? (estimate)6 months

    42. Have you ever put a finger in your rectum while masturbating? No, might try lol

    43. Have you ever inserted something like a vibrator or dildo in your rectum while you masturbate? No

    44. Has food like peanut butter, chocolate, whipped cream or raspberry jam ever been part of the action? No

    45. Is masturbation and fantasizing about other people cheating? No

    46. Do U ever play with your nipples while you masturbate? Used to

    47. Finally, have u ever eaten ur cum? Nope, never will.

    48. Did you like the taste? ^

    49. What did you think of this survey? eh

    50. What would you add or take away from this survey? Nothing

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    Alright, thanks for the replies. I'll guess I'll just put my feelings down until I get to know her, than make my move. Thanks \:\)

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    That goes to my school that I really like, she is friends with a couple of my 'girl' friends(as in they are girls, but not gf's). But since may, late may, I have had a huge crush on her. Yet we have never spoken). A couple weeks later, near the end of school, I notice that she has added me on Facebook. So, I'm happy, and decide that I'll add her onto msn, and I do. She accepts me, but is never on.

    (ps. Just for the record, I am 17 and in a couple of days my grade 12 year will be starting)

    Now, all summer I could not get her out of my head. And noticed on a friends wall that she said she was going to slovakia all summer, so my chance to ask her than was blown. Now, school starts in a couple days.

    My first question is am I weird for liking a girl that I have never talked to? Is that odd, or normal? My second question, is how do I talk to her, how do I get the courage to just go up to her and ask her out?

    See, I have no problems when it comes to asking friends out, but when it comes to girls that I have never talked to before and only seen in the hallways several times a day, I'm completely out of my element, both lost and confused. Any help at all will do.

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    So, basically I can't talk to my friends about this because they are a bunch of a**holes when it comes to relationships and crushs etc. So, heres the story, little bit of a read.

    There's this girl in my school named Liana, she is friends with a lot of my girl friends(friends who are girls lol) and she is really cute. But, we have never spoken before, and I didn't know her name up until I saw her on facebook.( for those who don't understand). Now, I have a huge crush on her, but she doesn't know I even exist because we have never spoken, but I hear her being talked about with some of my friends, and she seems awesome. And, she is single too \:o

    Now, another problem, is that another girl I know likes me, but, I don't like her in that way. We are awesome friends and all, and she has been pretty blunt with her feelings, but I like liana(a close friend of hers). I need help.

    How do I say no to her? And, how do I get enough courage, and the ability, to start talking with Liana, and maybe end up going out with her? I really need help \:\(

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    Your sex? male
    Age you started? 14
    Your age now? 16
    Explain you ur first orgasm...Mainly shocked, and a bit freaked out :P

    HOw often you masturbate now? 1-4 times a week.
    Did u look at porn your first time? No
    What made u wanna try it? Can't remember :P
    How u find out bout it? tv
    Anything else u wanna share? Nope ^^

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    Please, don't call what I have learned rubish without supporting information to back it up.

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    Well, that is very interesting, but if im not mistaken, didn't he create the first church? I mean Paul's church was the one that made it all the way to modern days thanks to constantine, but still, didn't Peter make the first church?

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    Well, wasn't St. Peter the rock which the church was to form, or something like that? Just because the church and it's customs weren't around a the time of Jesus' life, doesn't mean he didn't care.

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    Very very true, and considering that Jesus told his followers to follow the church, if the church went corrupt, most likely the followers wouldn't say much.

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