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    i`ll keep trying these creams, neutrogena the sence that it makes inflared spots go down. but i dont need that..aint as bad as it sounds..and i just hate the blemishes that seem to have been around for a long time and show no sign of going, i got clean n clear cleanser etc...i do use them...but honestly think id be better without, and when i shave, it`ll all grow back within 2hours applying the application is hard and could also cause problems if not washed off properly.

    moisterisers for people with dry skin, so wont be good for me

    im probally gonna have to see one of those dermatologist guys u mentioned one day:( but oneday never comes, lol

    cya n thnx

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    damn, wish u replied sooner, i went a head and tried to get rid of it, i knew i shudnt but im too weak and cant resist.

    i found another 2 on my cheast and leg, ill take a pic when i can.

    please tell me how long ago u done ures, and if its healed atall..i seriously need to know if i just made things worse for myself once again

    it was flat..i pushes it together as u wud with a spot..and it raised up was so just..i dunno lol, didnt pop or split..just dissapeared the white, instead im left with a red circle, problem is i dont think skin will heal hard over come off and reveal clean and clear skin.i may end up with having it forever..thnx god i didnt do them all.

    im gonna give it a few days to see if it goes down cuz its a bit inflared around it..then see if it heals or not.

    i belive they may be caused by a razors..its exactly where a root of a hair wud be...i can see it infact..and i dont got much chest hair..i know for certain this white mark is where a strand of hair was. why it occurs tho is beyond me.

    its deffinetly not molluscum, i just search it on google, and the results r frightening

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    i know this is stupid..especially after the problem i got from the first one..but after becoming so vein..with issues from genital warts to rashes to spots i cudnt control the urge to stop myself as i pierced my skin with the sizzors.
    if i cant fix this..ill probally never wear shorts or go swiming again, i think its about the 3rd summer ill miss:(

    the moles are on my wrist which appeared recently..i know since i always wear a watch thier..which is why i cudnt stand it.
    and the other on my leg joint..probally both the worst places since the muscles gets flexed alot etc.

    regarding the my home surgery its a long story..but all that matters is the after effects...if they moles
    are gone or not i dont know, they not raised no more.
    im left with huge red marks, sorta like bloodclots...blood which cant escape perhaps bcuz part of the moles r still there.

    thats the problem..ill never be happy again unless i get rid of them..ill never consider proper surgery...but am curios if perhaps these
    mole removal creams on the web cud fix my problem and get rid of the blood, i need a miracle or advice either one.

    btw, unrelated to this wasnt an effect..but im curios do scars completly time?

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    not sure if this is the place to post..but i dont wanna stress anymore over it:(
    heres a number of issues/questions i got.

    i suffer from spots for the last 6 yrs which has effected my confidence..
    and lost me my gf and chance to learn to drive..since im anti social all of a sudden.

    spots come and go all the time...but its just a few that i got all from one place..whilst on holiday
    which has been around for almost 3 yrs..with no sign of going..they 2 on my forehead..just kinda bumps where they were blemishes not even spots..clear now but the shape is still visible where they always were.
    and the most annoying on my chin..i think one may be guessing since its never went and they always raise up red..if i get any other spots nearby.
    the lastones in the left corner of my chin...which never goes..aint a spot...kinda of a blemish..and looks asif its raised but they just dont understand why they dont go..

    since its on my chin...shaving does effect it now and again..visible more when i do obviusly..and seems to appear asif its going when i just cant win since i cant wash properly with stubble..

    i used hundreds of creams over time..and still buying them..doing no good, it wud be such a HUGE RELEIF TO KNOW THEY WILL GO ON THIER OWN ONEDAY..JUST DISSAPEARED WITOUT ME KNOWING..but i dont see how its possible..
    since they cant be popped...probally irratated..aint washed proper..whatever the case....gawd im screwed i wanna get a picture done for my passport:( gotta look good lol.

    got tons of big huge redmarks on my neck too..aint like spots but stick out tremendously..

    a different issue...scarring caused by a freak accident...inolving a barbersshaver..electric ones u cut ure hair with u know..and my armpit:(
    instead of concentrating..while triming the not even sure but it cant be more damn stretch marks..
    im pretty sure i musta dug it in my skin on accident..looks like the right size and a straight line..
    does look less visible since i done it...but...thatt doesnt neccesarily mean it completly go in time does it? i realyneeda know..

    will scar creams like, bio oil or sevlon fix it in some way...its quite a huge scar..

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    damnit, i got one on my chest..just above my nipple..only 1..i didnt even care about it until i read this post, arrrrgh

    what effects did u have from trying to remove it? heal properly red bloodclots or nuttin...they not like moles tho
    they aint i dont know how u done it without piercing it with summit sharp

    its just like a white pigment in the skin

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    Hi, thanks..

    how is anxiety treated? and regarding the creams
    i dont know the difference between fungal and bacterial..
    but is thier any specific brand names i can buy.

    will germolean be any good?

    o and on the internet i read summit about pollyeax..or summit spelt similar, lol..which gps use
    to turn genital warts white? am i able to buy this over a counter or the web?? ure right about anxiety
    i realy cant bring myself to goto the docters..and i make things worse but thiers no changing sum people

    if i can see how many i got and where..they i can use summit like wartner..which is different from most applications
    since it contains nitrogen..which i hear is one way to remove warts from the genitals...thier seems to be so many different techniques
    to do it, its real scary..but my way seems plain sailing, if problems persist sure ill make the effort to ask for help.

    thx once again, cya

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    i got a mole by my genitals like the guy mentioned..and on my scrotum..but i dont realy care about them..
    what has become a huge the ones i tampered with.

    whilst stuck inside depressed from spots/rashes all over, i cudnt stop myself from trying to remove 2 moles, one from my the joint sorta, and one on my wrist where i wear my watch..
    they use to be perfect and clear i know since i put my watch/jewlery on all the time so they realy annoyed me.

    anyway after my own little home surgey..the areas are worse than before, looks like blood is behind it which needs to escape out...and its not summit i wud wanna do again.
    ill probally ever wear shorts or go swimming again this its gone beyond a distinguishing mark.

    can anyone tell me if MOLE CREAMS i just search on the net for realy work? perhap they cud kill them..and make the redblood go back to normal., god i need a miracle

    only yesterday i got a mole on my neck which once again sounds like summit one of u described..sticks out as if its raised and is darkbrown...but im hoping it`ll go back down in not looking to remove every little detail on my body.
    what problems can occur from it rupturing and bleeding tho if it ever does happen to me?

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    ive been to my gp years ago and she didnt even check it out, probaly for the best
    since it was a women..but im not shy..she just got me to ask the receptionist for the
    gum clinic phone number..when I TOLD HER what it i deffinetly wont be going to any again ive become very anti social and vein.

    ages ago i discovered dissapearing blackdot on the shaft of my penis..later it seemed to stay around for good..
    and it had white around the black dot...thats until the home surgey!

    since im use to burning/cutting warts away..i tried it on my penis..i know it was stupid but as i said im very vein and stupid..
    its just a blackdot now...musta grown back..and im scared that other sorta blackish marks might be more warts but i seriously dont know..
    but im scared what i may attempt to do next to myself.

    i also got a huge rash/spot kinda things..back of my upperlegs
    and all over my innerleg region very close to my genitals..
    if they dont clear up i doubt ill ever have sex.

    i didnt mention i hadnt had sex yet...i got genital warts...i read its rare?
    and im curios what the rash/spot things are?
    also when i stretch my scrotum skin to see it more clearly..i can see white lumps..hundreds all over? what r they..god i want them

    lately ive been scratching like much freshnew scrotum skin goes hard and grows back..and earlier on today my scrotum was bleeding.

    ive become so vain from staying inside for so long cuz of my problems all building up..i tried to remove to moles that were raised up...i got plenty more..
    but since i tampered with them on my leg joint and my wrist...they are huge red marks...looks like blood caught behind them..ill never be able to wear shorts or go swimming again..and its summer!
    im tempted to do them again since thiers dark marks im guessing is the wud be so helpful to know that these creams available on the web work...ive spent so much on all sorts of creams over time.

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