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    Hey. Welcome to AfraidToAsk.

    The situation you find yourself in is not that uncommon. It happens to both guys and girls who develop a deep bond with another person. Relationships can be one sided all too often. It seems like you've invested much more emotion into your friendship than your friend has.

    Try to understand if your feelings are actually you falling for him or if you are possibly jealous that he's spending time with his new girlfriend and not you.

    You need to have an honest conversation with your friend about where your friendship stands in relation to his new girlfriend.

    On the other hand, you really need to sit down and think about your own sexual orientation. It's not a bad thing to question yourself. You'll come out of this a stronger person.

    Keep us posted on what's going on.

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    Hey guys! Just posted the second part of the Rules of Friendship blog. Check it out!
    Here's the link:

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    Thanks! We are always open for suggestions for new blog topics. The guides have been updated and there are a few more in the works.

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    Hey everyone. I just posted the first of a series of blogs that will conquer the task of creating new friends titled The Rules of Friendship. Every week there will be a new blog about how to be a great friend. In there will be some of user experiences and some of my own personal experiences on how each of these traits have helped me develop long lasting friendships.

    Go check it out and as always your feedback is appreciated!

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    Hey! Welcome to Afraid to Ask.

    First off, just know that you'll be just fine. You always have a community of friends right here on A2A.

    I went to my towns public schools all my life. In high school, I switched to a private, catholic, ALL BOYS high school in a different state. I had no friends my first year but by the time I graduated, I was friendly with everyone. One of my best friends to this day was someone I met in high school.

    You'll be just fine. Friendships take a while to develop. Just stay positive and in the long run, you'll have more friends than you'll care to have. smile

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    Shaving preference is up to you. There are people who prefer it either way. Some guys like to shave because it makes them feel better about their size, others like to shave because they find it more comfortable and there are plenty of guys that just let it go completely and don't even think about it.

    The ultimate decision is up to you.

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    Hey Eliot. Welcome to the Afraid to Ask community!

    There are millions of men and women around the world that are gay. While being gay is still a hot button issue, it's perfectly acceptable that your gay.

    One of my best friends is gay and we get along perfectly well. If your group of friends is not accepting of who you are then you need to take it upon yourself to change their views about the gay community. You are still the same person you were before you realized that you were gay. You still have all of the same interests and talents you've always had. Don't ever be afraid to express who you are.


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    Hey guys, the site is about to undergo some serious changes. Hopefully within the week. Hopefully the good times will come back.

    I am one of the new admins on the site. My name is Ellias. I am always open to suggestions about topics and changes that you guys would like to see.

    The founder of the site recently had a strong desire to bring back the site to its glory days and he charged me and user DrJ with doing just that.

    The forums will still remain the main part and attraction of the site but the guides and the blog will also grow to become more of an integral part of the site. I hope you guys enjoy the changes when they happen.

    Feel free to get in touch with me at any time with any suggestions!

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    Hey. I just stumbled across this site and I'm not sure where to put this topic. I don't know what type of doctor to go see but I am 30 years old and still terrified of the dark. I always sleep with a light on somewhere. I refuse to go outside without a flashlight. All of these things I have been able to deal with until recently.
    I had an experience where my tire popped while on the highway while driving home from work one night. There were no street lights and the road was very dark. I was able to pull off into an opening but I couldn't get out of the car to change the tire. That was a terrifying experience.
    So the question that I'm afraid to ask is Is this normal? and if not how can I get help?

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