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    No, I never was. I don't believe I have add, like i said though, it helps dramatically with my depression.

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    Hey guys, I'm new to these forums.

    My situation is a little different... Unlike many of you, I do not think I have ADD (Although I could be wrong). However, I do need adderall for other purposes.

    2 months ago I was diagnosed with panic disorder, depression, and general anxiety. I went to see the college doctor, and she put me on lexapro, and xanax (for the attacks).

    After over 6 weeks of using lexapro, it occured to me that I did not, and would not respond to even elevated doses of this medicine... Nor did I respond to the xanax, which is quite rare.

    From there I began to see the guidence counselor, which has definitely allowed me to get some things of my chest, but in no way helped my depression. Because I can say almost for certain that my depression is neuro-chemical.

    I have a great social life, a great home life, and there is nothing reasonably wrong with me... Yet I have always, since the time I can remember, struggled with these feelings.

    My biggest problem is school. I can't focus in class, and have no motivation to do work outside of class (Probably similar to some ADD symptoms).

    Recently, I was given a few 10 mg pills of adderall by a friend. Since my major and interest is in health, I've done a good deal of research on medication.

    So I decided to take a 20 mg dose before class... and wow is all i can say! I felt... like a new person. All my symptoms of depression were relieved within an hour, and the feeling lasted most of the day.

    I was also able to function normally in class, do my homework, and completely crush any social anxiety.

    Since then I have taken adderall a few times at the same dose, and similar results occured.

    My question is, how do I go about requesting a prescription for adderall, if i do not have add?

    I tried to talk to my school doc about it, and although she thought it was a good idea, and nice alternative to anti-depressents, she did not have the legal ability to prescribe me adderall.

    What type of doctor can prescribe me adderall, and how do I go about confronting him/her? Should I focus on my add symtpoms, or tell the truth like I am telling you?

    In just a few days this drug has made a world of difference in my life. So please, any help or advice is very, very appreciated.


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