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    I have had multiple blowjobs offers from guys recently. I am just trying to understand this.

    First let me give you my back story, I am straight, but do enjoy showing my cock off. At first I would only show my cock to women, but on cam sites the majority of the audience was guys. We all know most women don't enjoy seeing dick pics nor guy cams as often as we think. So I had some guys tell me that I should take it as a compliment so I do.

    Back to my topic. I have had multiple offers of getting my dick sucked free by guys, no strings attached, no additional sexual actions, just them sucking my dick and swallowing all of my cum.

    Now since blowjobs are amazing, I have considered this, but with my sexual preference, most likely will not actually allow it.

    I have had one 20 year old kid that wants to blow me so bad he offered to pay me o let him blow me. That is a first for sure. For those of you wondering, I did not let him.

    But as a straight man, I think if a guy offers to blow me, he is trying to convert me from a straight guy to gay or bi. All of the guys claim this isn't the case, but I have to wonder why they would offer such a task with no gain. They don't get paid, they don't get off, and they are sucking dick and providing pleasure without receiving it.

    Straight guys, would you let a guys suck your cock and cum in his mouth?

    So for the gay or bi guys out there, can you explain this a little?

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