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    First off, I am a virgin, unfortunately this is because of this issue, it has made me turn down everything because of the discomfort it can cause me, how sensitive the head of my penis becomes and the fact it would be embarrassing. I have no clue how painful it would be. I apologise in advance for the fact that I don't know technical terms very well.

    Initially I didn't realise that my foreskin was supposed to comeback so far. Once I found this out, I repeatedly tried to get the foreskin over the glans, I can now do that. When my penis is flaccid I can easily pull back the foreskin. However there is a little bit of skin underneath connecting the foreskin to the head (no clue what it is called). It feels like there is not much slack and it is quite tight. Just underneath the tip of my foreskin is extremely tight, although the tip itself and below that point, the skin is much more flexible. When I am erect, it is a huge struggle trying to get the foreskin over the head, if / when I do, it causes great discomfort, and due to that one tight bit on my foreskin, the head of my penis is almost being strangled. It become very tight and starts getting really red. When my penis is flaccid, the bottom of the head is usually a purple-ish colour, further making me think it is being squeezed too tight. Again, it feels as if the tight bit of skin connecting the head and foreskin is pulling, but I am really not sure about that.

    Sorry for this being so jumbled up and that there is a lot, I just wanted to make sure I gave enough detail. I would like to know if it is simply just a case of a tight bit of foreskin and I need to stretch it, or if there is something wrong, I would also like to know if the bit connecting my foreskin and penis head is anything to worry about.

    Thanks in advance!

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